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Syria- SAA Shoots Down 10 Booby-trapped Drones in Dara’a

image-syrian arab army

In Dara’a, the south of Syria and far away from Aleppo another battle has not stopped and going on fiercely until the regime in Jordan understands the danger of the game they’re playing. As for the support terrorists are receiving from Israel, that can be dealt with.

A new tactic followed by terrorists is to use remotely controlled drones booby-trapped with explosives and send it from al-Nuaimah town in eastern countryside of Dara’a to residential neighborhoods in the city of Dara’a to cause the maximum casualties, however, the Syrian Arab Army units in the city have spotted 10 of these ‘drones’ and shot them down before they reached their targets.

The SAA units in the area also targeted gatherings of terrorists and destroyed mortar cannons in the vicinity of the Sports City in Dara’a. Terrorists were using these mortar cannons to target civilians and army units in the area.

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