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Syria: SAA Repels al-Qaeda Attack in Khan Sheih

A Syrian Arab Army post repelled an attack carried out by Al Qaeda FSA mercenary Jihadists near Khan Sheih south of Damascus, killing the entire attacking group and confiscating their weapons.

The attack carried out by a group of Nusra Front and Ahrar Cham (The Free of Levant) was yesterday Wednesday 30 October 2013 in the morning against an outpost of SAA in Khan Sheih farms some 30 plus kilometers south of Damascus on the road to the occupied Golan Heights.

Khan Sheih south of Damascus
Khan Sheih south of Damascus

The small town of Khan Sheih also hosts a Palestinian refugees camp and a number of Syria’s largest industrial factories like the Syria Nestle factory and warehouses burned by FSA ‘freedom fighters’ last January because the owner was an ‘infidel’. A number of residential buildings were being developed in the town before the Wahhabis hit Syria with ‘freedom’ early 2011.

The following video report with English subtitles might contain Graphic images of human organs exposed, however, no brain cells were found in those exposed organs, but your discretion is advised.

Killing Zones is what SAA has been mastering in the past few months where the herds of terrorists are lured into ambushes outside residential areas, or forced to follow a mandatory corridor to expedite their journey towards their imaginary 72 houris or virgin mermaids in hell.

Worth mentioning that in the past quarter only, the SAA managed to kill at least 4 times of Alqaeda militants of what the entire NATO war group of states did throughout their past 12 years, however, the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian armed forces kill the terrorists with almost nil civilian casualties unlike the NATO troops killing hundreds of civilians for each 2 of alleged terrorists they claim killing.

SAA Unit
An SAA Unit
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