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Belgium the First European Country Threatened by Terrorists it Sponsored in Syria

A Belgian Jihadist in the ranks of the FSA, the Free FROM Syrians Army

The Belgian king, his family and a number of politicians received death threats from terrorists linked to the ones killing Syrians. The threats also targeted the ‘democratic’ system of ‘sponsoring terrorists’ in Belgium against taking any counter measures.

Belgium, a member of the NATO alliance and a member of the EU which sponsored the terror in Syria against the sovereign state led by Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, has introduced legislation a couple of month ago to deprive members of terrorist groups fighting alongside the Obama death squads in Syria from the welfare benefits back home. The move stripping the families of the terrorists as well from those benefits.

A Belgian Jihadist in the ranks of the FSA, the Free FROM Syrians Army
A Belgian Jihadist in the ranks of the FSA, the Free FROM Syrians Army, threatening Europe

In a retaliation to the aforementioned  move by the authorities in the cities of Antwerp and Vilvoorde which took such measures, the officials in these two cities, the king himself and the his family received death threats by ‘bomb attacks and killings’ as reported by some media sources quoting local authorities on the matter. The attacks coming through emails and said to be issued by Islamist groups as they were containing the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Sharia Law’ in them.

Belgian authorities have previously requested Turkey, their NATO buddy, to keep an eye on Belgian Jihadists smuggled into Syria by the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood junta ruling Turkey and led by the caliph wannabe Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

One thing seems to be missing from the minds of the Belgian officials whom once were very supportive of the ‘democracy’ brought by the Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists into Syria, and that is called Karma. You don’t raise a beast, unleash it against others and not expect it to come back at you.

On this occasion we should however salute the Belgian MP Laurent Louis who tried hard explaining the real situation in Syria to the dumb government in his country in vain, but never stopped. (You may need to watch the following video on YouTube and turn CC on for English subtitles)

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  1. Tom Skylark

    Belgium is one of the 10 nations of the anti-Christ. (Revelation 17:12) These 10 nations were former permanent members of the Western European Union. (W.E.U. that will briefly arise again to power after Russia is destroyed in the Ezekiel 38-39 chapter prophecy) (1)Belgium (2)France (3)Greece (4)Germany (5)Italy (6)Luxembourg (7)the Netherlands (8)Portugal (9)Spain and (10)The United Kingdom Great Britain. These 10 nations are where Al-Qaeda forces have recruited terrorists to fight Syrian president Assad’s forces.

    What does pope Frances say or do when the Al-Qaeda forces in Syria burn down Roman Catholic churches and Al-Qaeda beheads Roman Catholic priests and Alawite soldiers and the Moslem Brotherhood burns down Coptic churches in Egypt and kills Coptic Christians there? Pope Frances says nothing when Hamas burned down Roman Catholic churches in Gaza.

    Both pope Francis and the United States president Obama remain silent about these atrocities. Both have a mutual friendship.

    I can’t see why Syria president Assad and the Egyptian president Sisi-why haven’t they joined forces together to destroy Al-Qaeda and the Moslem Brotherhood whom both are being supported by Obama.

    Pope Francis has interest in Russia receiving the Immculate Heart and the Fatima prophecy all which is a deception. Russia will not bring the world peace. The Vatican will attempt to make Russia its pawn but Russia lead by its leader Gog likely Putin and Iranian forces and their non-Arab allies will be destroyed upon the mountains of Israel (Ezekiel 38:18-39:4)

    The Vatican does replace Russian leadership with another man who by peace he destroys many. Daniel 8:24-25. Bible believing Christains call his the anti-Christ who uses the Vatican for 42 months. The anti-Christ when he declares himself as God in the Jewish Temple (2 Thessalonians 2:4) will then have no longer use for Rome or the Vatican as the Roman anti-Christ will switch his capital from Rome to Jerusalem. The Jews who believe in the words in Daniel’s prophecy and the book of Matthew will flee Jerusalem for safety while people who believed in Jesus Christ before the arrival of the anti-Christ will live safely in heaven 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 while the anti-Christ blasphemies God and those protected in heaven (Revelation 13:6) while the anti-Christ reigns on earth creating a holocaust across the world for his last 42 months of reign (Revelation 13:5)which these 3.5 years are hell on earth before Jesus Christ returns. (Zechariah 14:2-9 and Revelation 19:11-20:4)

    Its better to believe in Jesus Christ now and be taken in the rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) than having the choice of following the anti-Christ taking his mark (Revelation 13:15-17) and being damned forever or rejecting the anti-Christ reign and getting beheaded for your testimony. (Revelation 20:4)

    God’s prophets give messages to save people’s lives. Whose prophets will you believe in?

    • Jörg Feix

      Oh my God are an Idiot Evangelic ..who read the Bible up side down……But did you read the prophecy about your country ? run run run …you don’t have much time!!!Ask your pastor to exorcise out your bad spirit and sing 20 alleluia with your hands up .

  2. kingsley smith

    forget apostate bishop of rome…..Moscow IS the THIRD Rome! And Christian Russia has and continues to support and speak out against demonic forces invading Syria….NATO/US/Saudi death squads are destroying Christian and Moslem brothers in Syria and Iraq…..God be with Dr.Bashar Assad and the good people of Syria….Pray for an end to this

  3. rie

    Obama Qatar and the United States and its allies, at least …. pray to Mahdi of Islam. The world is not deceived by the villain anymore.

  4. Malik Imran

    It’s good there are the brave people of the Media Workgroup Syria posting daily the true events of Syria. For them these Belgian terrorists are jokers in an international play to destroy Syria, pan-Arabism and the brave Syrian people. It’s the Media Workgroup Syria that was posting from the beginning about these jihadists and al-Qaida mercenaries and these boys and girls from Belgium and the Netherlands will go on with their brave work as aid for the Syrian people. Syria will become stronger than ever before once defeated these rats.

    • Lary Jones Pastor

      honestly what will we do without you ..saying good about your self?
      hope you know something .Syrian Army could be the strongest army ..they would nt win without God Help.
      Syria was not alone …The merciful God touch many people hearts (not Syrian )
      But maybe you did not notes China And Russia, and Orthodox, And Catholics , And Iran, And Hezbollah , And Also 40 % Sunni ( maybe less :( )And Iran , and South American Country’s and India and North Korea and many millions young people in Europe fighting Qatar , Saudi, Brotherhood mafia in Europe and France and England corruption politician . And al this people DID not open there eyes because of Syrian people ….But All start moving …even if they did not understand ..where this madness come out …
      And this God work . As other great people , great nation were destroy before Syria…But we were not ALL there to stop it ….as we were ALL join forces with Syrian People , asking videos , photos ..even when many Syria only call us murders , spy’s monsters ….(and they still do ..because of Arrogance and proud)

  5. Syed Aamir Ali Jafri

    This article is Full with lies …mix up with 1 true’s. The brotherhood people, the wahhabis …is Threatening Belgian .It did not start now….but in 2011. That is the only true in this article …The Rest of the article is bunch of lies that should ashamed . Rather this article was write by an Israeli or by an Sunni Arabic person ( its just the same? ) …Belgian did offer refugee , emigrant statute to millions people ..”Not Belgian People” not even European . (Arabic or Africa, or Asiatic Sunni) . Just as note , many sunni (50%)are not to blame for this crazy people; But shame on people that only learn English o come to Europe …with lies …PROTECTING QATAR AND SAUDI ARAB little Buddy’s ……….. “Belgian authorities have previously requested Turkey, (…) to keep an eye on Belgian Jihadists ” lolololo “Belgian request Turquey olololol that is funny . An European requesting an Ottoman men . Turquey since 20 years that tries to be …European country …like an Dog .. ..And Belgian …..request ….ololololo I do imagine …..Belgian King …on his knees ….requesting Turkey brotherhood …HELP ….olololol anything . Thanks for article. Pure Arabic Racism against everyone who is not Arabic …in …Europe… Bad and Evil , that you protect Qatar and Saudi Arab ..with all your strength’s…with all your lies …That is way …There are terrorists …in Syria ( WE Stop nato , The problem is … The bunch of M Arab people who protect …the other Arab people ..AGAINST SYRIA . Again and Again …AGAINST SYRIA!! But you are ..NOT …for Syria Al Assad ….!


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