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This is a story of a lady champion in Kung Fu, the story dates way back in history and continues through generations, in each generation, a new Syria would be reborn to her mother Mrs. Nature and her father Mr. History, the story continues until our days, the lady’s name is Syria.

The time-lapse in the following story is not counted by our human measures, a day might be like a year or even a decade.

The Omayyad Sword in Omayyad Square in Damascus
The Omayyad Sword in Omayyad Square in Damascus

Syria is a beautiful mature lady, well curved, not fat and not thin, Arabic features, very generous and lethally smart. Syria has witnessed the entire world shake, emperors come and go, natural disasters, all registered in her collective memory through the ‘Syrias’ that emerged throughout history. Our Syria we’re talking about here is 42 years old. Syria within her lifetime witnessed enough changes around her and was under a number of pressures from all sides, she lost some weight but would regain it healthier.

When Syria was just 3 years old her godfather managed with the help of his brother on another continent to wage a retaliatory war against a common enemy of humanity, Satan in disguise. Satan cannot be defeated easily, especially when Syria’s uncle in the midst of the battle betrayed the cause of seeking a cheap peace with the devil. But who trusts the devil is such a fool.

Satan could not be trusted, after putting Syria’s uncle in a cage under the cheap peace deal he made with him, Satan planted seeds of his sons in Syria’s younger brother body. These seeds grew up fast, very appearances and very dark hearts, they were cunning and managed to cast a spell on some of Syria’s nephews and nieces, who started to fight among themselves, forgetting the danger Satan is posing against them from the south eyeing an opportunity to come and revenge for his previous defeat. Syria had to send some of her bravest sons to try to stop the fights that turned into bloodshed among the siblings, many of those brave sons of Syria were martyred doing so, some of the siblings appreciated Syria’s sacrifices, some who were still under the influence of Satan’s spell became filled with even more hatred and darker heartened.

Satan seeing his opportunity moved from south upwards with a mighty force bringing all the evil powers from the world under his tail and striking the embattled siblings hard. Satan did not win the whole battle but managed to place a leech into the weak body of Syria’s younger brother. Satan promised a comeback and so he did.

Syria didn’t waste time, her godfather and her collective memory taught her not to depend on others, and tried to gather as much as possible of all types of power: knowledge, education, personal fighting skills, building strong allies, not to be dependent on others, and most importantly: Prepare for Satan as he will never rest until he achieves his plans in destroying you, Syria, because you resemble his biggest enemy, the Good. And so she did.

When Syria reached the age of 12 she had her first direct confrontation with Satan and all his aides altogether over her younger brother. Satan, thinking he has a solid ground after his leech he planted in Syria’s younger brother’s body grew up strong and dangerous and after Syria’s nephews and nieces were torn out, he came in. Syria’s younger brother looked at the seaside and saw a huge battleship that started shooting at him, it wasn’t for Satan, it belonged to someone coming from very far, he looked to the south and saw Satan coming with the most modern power, sharpened horns and teeth, and very big claws, he called his uncle whom unashamedly didn’t want to help as he was under the ‘peace pact’ with Satan, looked around and couldn’t see except his sister Syria who promised not to leave him alone.

Syria with the supervision of her godfather vowed to help her younger brother, and dispatched more of her sons to defend him, lost over 86 arrows in one day in one of the biggest air battles in the history, but she couldn’t let her brother die under Satan who showed his ugliest face and ordered Syria’s nephews and nieces influenced under his spell to start massacres against the weak, and so they did, such massacres will stain their names till the end of times.

Satan was working on a group he created with one of his tools where he put the central command for these. He managed to seduce some fanatics into creating a new ideology that sees themselves the right and everybody else as evil. They in their turn managed to control the brains of the less fortunate the poorest with less education. By the time, this group founded initially in the Arabian Desert a couple of hundred years ago and branched everywhere under different names and sometimes using the same name, became more dangerous and more murderous. Oddly enough, this group started targeting Syria from within at the same time Satan was targeting Syria’s younger brother. Some were Syria’s own children who were influenced by evil, many came from far away. Their attacks against Syria intensified when Satan made his second attack against Syria’s younger brother! From her books she read and the teaching of her godfather, Syria knows quite well you cannot beat an outside force while being attacked from the inside. With all the pain, she managed to rid herself from these foreign parasites and her misguided sons, some were killed but they did kill many of Syria’s finest sons.

Syria knew she cannot take out Satan by herself, Satan brought all the evil powers under his tail with him to the battle. Two of those evil powers managed to set foot in Syria’s younger brother’s body. Syria’s godfather suggested learning from an old friend of his who is very far but managed to defeat this particular force which set foot in Syria’s younger brother’s body. Made contacts and came up with brilliant ideas.

Her nephews and nieces with the powerful immune systems that resisted Satan’s spell gathered under Syria’s wing and started targeted attacks against Satan directly and against those evil powers he brought. Amazing achievements and a war of attrition even Satan could not endure, he was running out of force due to the excessive strikes from all the good powers combined. The evil powers withdrew one with him 241 bodies in coffins of his best troops, the other 58. That was the beginning of the end of Satan’s pride. The targeted strikes continued until Syria was 30 years old when Satan’s tail was leaving the last part of Syria’s younger brother’s body. It was only one month after which Syria’s godfather passed away.

Syria managed to make contact with a friend who came back from a long journey abroad to his country. Her friend is not close by, there was one of Satan’s aides separating Syria and her friend. Once her friend settled in power back in his land, throwing away all of the dirt his predecessor brought in and replacing it with clean dignity, Satan’s aide attacked this friend. Syria seeing this with all her knowledge, couldn’t standstill. This was 2 years before her younger brother was attacked by Satan the second time. She helped train her friend on how to use modern weapons to defend himself and his land from Satan’s aide and stood firmly with him. This cost Syria the hatred of all of her siblings around her world, they were all under Satan’s spell.

Knowing that the goodwill always prevails over evil in the end however small the gains the evil makes, Syria stood with her friend until he finished 8 years of a war of attrition launched against him for no cause except throwing away Satan’s dirt. Syria and her friend built a very strong relationship, they spoke different languages but had similar views for the future.

Satan cannot live without doing evil, that’s how he’s made of. Satan left Syria’s younger brother’s body to the south but with Syria’s nephews and nieces still under his influence, he didn’t let Syria’s younger brother enjoy the victory. And with evil powers under his control, he didn’t let Syria’s friend enjoy his victory as well. While doing ferocious harm worldwide, Satan couldn’t leave his surrounding without provoking problems everywhere around him. He was waiting for the exact chance to make a comeback and compensate for his losses before Syria, her brother and her friend became stronger and invincible. It was the race between the good and the evil.

After weakening his main tool that Satan used against Syria’s best friend in the 8 years war than in the sanctions, he managed to make his aides place on him, Satan sends 2 of his aides to directly attack this tool and take his land creating a wall between Syria and her friend. And so he did.

Foolish enough to fall for the first time, he fell for the second time at the hands of who used him in the first place, these are lessons for generations that fools cannot understand and would fall in the same mistakes over and over again. Now Satan has a mighty power on the right side of Syria, he himself is down to the south along with a playboy tool of his. To the left of Syria his influenced nephews and nieces are gaining power in Syria’s younger brother’s body because the victors of the big battle with Satan considered forgiveness instead of punishment against their misguided siblings, they miscalculated and this would backfire in the future and cause much harm.

When Satan saw such a chance he made his strike blinking at his tools in the highest department in the world created supposedly to maintain peace and stability equally, but instead was only working in the favor of the evil and the strong powers. Syria was 36 years old, her nephews who were now united under one fighting group managed to withstand for 33 days and instead of being defeated at the hands of Satan himself, they were striking Satan back where it really hurt him. In the beginning, everybody was asking Satan to stop his attacks but Satan had appointed a number of fools in control and they refused, they thought the battle is in their favor. But later on Satan himself interfered and asked to stop the war he started and a new balance of power was set in the region. We have new heroes. One of Syria’s nephews emerged as the leader of the resistance, praised by the masses in the world, he with the grace of God, the help of Syria and her friend defeated Satan for the second time, first sending him out of his father’s body, second preventing him from coming back. Again, the victors in this battle against Satan made the same mistake for the second time, they forgave instead of punishing hoping to gain the misguided, they were wrong and this would backfire in the future and cause much harm.

Would Satan stop? Of course not. He’s built on hatred, envy and evil, he cannot stop at any cost even if that would burn him for eternity. But meanwhile he will try to take as much as he can from the fools with him. Remember talking about the group of fanatics Satan managed to create and spread in the world? He managed to place one of them in power at his feet. There’s a condense huge population of good people there Satan would prefer to finish them all but doesn’t want to take the blame alone, wants them to kill each other.

After the humiliating defeat in the battle with Syria, her nephew and her friend, Satan wanted to release his anger and saw in the place he planted his followers from the group of the fanatics the best target. And so he did.

Just 2 years after his defeat he launched a horrible attack against a confined strip of land with the highest population density on the planet knowing his tools will force those not under his tail to surrender in or get killed, Satan managed with all his might to kill a number of those who refused to surrender but strangely not a single one of his tools from the fanatic group he planted whom were supposed to be leading the resistance against Satan, at least in front of the public!

But fortunately Syria, her nephew and her friend managed to distribute power among the different young fellows there and didn’t depend only on the group of fanatics Satan planted whom were playing the role of resistance. For 28 days, Satan released all his might against that confined strip, showed all his ugliness, but to his surprise, those not under his tail in the strip started to fire back hitting him directly in the heart and promising more. Each time his fanatic group would tell of a launching pad of those not under his wing and he destroys, another launching pad erects and slaps him where he doesn’t expect.

Satan realizes he cannot win this aggression decisively until he can manage to place his tools in powers in the whole area. Those people in that strip were getting their weapons from Syria, her nephew and her friend through tunnels under ground he cannot see.

His evil mind came up with a plot that worked elsewhere and thought it would work easily in his surrounding. And so he did.

When Syria, her nephew and her best friend were gaining power and influence around the area, Satan sent in some of his best assets, they were fanatic lunatics and easy to manipulate, one was called fatso and the other was Erdo.

Fatso was so bad he toppled his own father, he was sitting on a small piece of land with vast riches under it and abundant money pouring in not knowing what to do with it. Erdo was sitting on a huge land north of Syria, he was beating his head continuously at a huge wall for several years trying to change his nature to look like others who don’t look like him and who hate him because of his fathers and grandfathers and grand grandfathers criminal past with them, especially they tried with Erdo to offer apology for the crimes his ancestors committed in a show of repentance but his thick head prevented him from admitting the guilt his nation brought upon others thus the wall was growing higher.

Syria with her loving heart and the young godfather she had who studied how to heal people, called on Erdo and told him: Listen Erdo, you’re banging your head against that wall for several years now and it’s still growing higher and thicker in front of you, and since you’re so stubborn and arrogant but for the sake of your people, let’s put aside our past and open a new chapter and I will open the gates of the East for you where you really belong instead of trying to penetrate the north where you don’t belong, just look at the map and try to convince yourself.

Erdo went back and consulted his group of fanatics installed by Satan in power, they contacted Satan who was thrilled seeing it his chance to install some of his germs in Syria’s body he wasn’t able to do so from abroad. He gave his approval but warned never to mention the name of the group to Syria, as Syria has a large sensitivity towards that group’s name, so Erdo changed his party’s name to sound more modern and less fanatic. Erdo’s economy thrived, his people reached everywhere through Syria’s gates, their products are now wanted. Their culture was introduced to Syria’s siblings’ world through some companies translating movies done in Erdo’s land to the loved sweet accent Syria speaks and everybody was happy, except one, Fatso.

Fatso contacted Satan and told him: Master, when did I ever disappoint you? Didn’t I topple my own father for you? Why Erdo’s name is mentioned everywhere and mine is not?

Satan replied: You want your name mentioned you need to start spending from the money you are gathering.

Fatso: For the good?

Satan: No dumdum, you are no one, if you do good nobody will remember you but if you obey me I’ll make your name mentioned more than Erdo.

Fatso: Whatever you order me master I’ll do.

And so he did.

Satan ordered Fatso to start buying football clubs! Now his name is cheered in football matches. Opened his land for Satan’s aides to start building towers in the sand convincing Fatso this is the way you can counter the balance of civilization, Syria has a 12,000 year of civilization out of which 7,000 is written since she taught the world the alphabet, and you have nothing, so build towers fast and tall and that will be your civilization and my aides will help, so was Fatso convinced.

Erdo while befriending Syria’s young godfather was filled with envy, why this young man is more popular even in Erdo’s own land than Erdo himself is?! What can Erdo do to take out this young godfather from his way and be the emperor of the eastern world under Satan’s rule? Satan knew how Erdo was feeling and told him to wait for some time, Fatso will be helping with money once his name will be mentioned enough to satisfy his ego. Satan convinced Fatso to spend some money on Erdo’s land and so he did. But money for what exactly? His name is not mentioned there! There are no football clubs that would cheer for Fatso there. Satan was raising small units of his fanatic groups in Erdo’s land, these are the seeds of evil to years of bloodshed to follow.

Fatso tried on different occasions to convince Syria’s young godfather to befriend Satan’s sons and daughters in the land Satan took from its people. Syria’s young godfather asked Fatso to return the land first, return the displaced people and then he’s ready for peace. Of course, Satan refused and continued his plan. Erdo from his side tried to mediate between Syria’s young godfather and Satan’s children who are living on the land they stole from its rightful owners. Syria’s young godfather asked Erdo to return the land first, return the displaced people and then he’s ready for peace.

Satan brought Fatso and Erdo and told them: Listen you two, there’s only one way in, we can’t break the shell surrounding Syria from outside, we tried all methods for a long time, the only way to weaken her is to inject her with a poison until she’s weak then Erdo can take her land and work for me, and Fatso will have his name printed on new football fields. Erdo and Fatso approved as if they could reject!

After training groups of young children seduced with large amounts of money and positions to lead ‘colored revolutions’ that would remove old men in power and install new ones in place, and after Erdo and Fatso were ready and put their efforts in the scene:

– Erdo making an act of play in front of one Satan’s most criminal sons in a world gathering, then sending a ship with Erdo’s own children on it to break the siege from the confined strip Satan and one of his aide’s tools placed against it causing the death of 8 of Erdo’s own children and one from Satan’s aide’s children, but who cares, it was the orders of Satan and the prize Erdo promised was to become the renewed Sultan of the region or the Caliph. And the plan succeeded in fooling the vast majority of the good heart people.

– Fatso went into Syria’s younger brother’s land and offered money to rebuild what Satan destroyed, he was welcome properly. Then he visited Syria and started promising to help the economy after years of sanctions against her caused by Satan’s aides.

Arab 'Spring' Found
Arab ‘Spring’ Found

Now was the time. Although Syria’s uncle who betrayed her godfather was killed and was replaced with his deputy for long, but that only helped the enemies of his own land and children, Satan and his tools, he was working for Satan bluntly and helping Satan besiege the confined strip, but had a small percentage of manners allowing small passages of food, money and weapons supplies through tunnels underground. Suddenly, protests started on the streets calling for ‘freedom’. Freedom? Well, freedom was the precise word targeted but it was freedom from a normal state and back to woods age. Satan’s aide on the other side of the planet gave orders to his tool to step down, so he did. Later he one member of one of Satan’s fanatic groups took power somehow, and his first decision was to destroy the lifeline tunnels to the confined strip. Satan won the first round.

Nearby was the scene of another similar incident where the strong man in control appointed by another one of Satan’s aides saw similar protests, the guy was fooled by his own security men asking him to board a plane to a safe house and once in the air asked him not to go back. The strongman in the air tried to contact a close friend of his who was one of Satan’s aides who hung up in his face. Only one of Satan’s biggest assets moved and allowed the former strongman to land in his land. Satan won the second round.

To the very south there was another tool for one of Satan’s aides, his country is rich but his people are very poor, they’re very smart but uneducated, they were very kind but surrounded with wolves. Satan’s trained cells took to the streets dragging with them millions, but were faced with a similar number of millions opposing the plot trying to open their eyes to Satan’s plot, for 6 months nothing was moving, they sent someone to try to kill Satan’s aide’s tool there but he escaped with a burned face and hands. A settlement was reached in the land of Fatso, Fatso’s name is mentioned again, but half of the people are praising him and the other half are cursing him.. He doesn’t care. Satan won the third round

One more rich area was targeted by Satan to give to his tools so they can feed on it, there was a man in charge, some consider him a psycho,  some consider him very strong, some consider him a leader, but nobody actually could understand him right. After years and years of supporting Satan’s foes suddenly he turns west, his deadly mistake. He financed two of Satan’s tools to get to power to the north. He did a lot to his country but that was not enough. Satan’s tools cannot feed with the existence of competition, the decision was taken to finish him. He was contacted and asked to step down, he gave him back the middle finger. They bombarded his country for 6 months, had he not switched west he might have won that battle, he owns the ground, they are coming from the air, they will get tired, he will remain solid, but since he turned west they asked him to dismantle his army and turn it into security posts, so he did and thus he and his people paid a hefty price for that deadly mistake. And it was deadly. Satan won the fourth round.

Meanwhile, seeing the fire starting all over the region, Satan triggered Erdo and Fatso to start moving against Syria. Suddenly out of nowhere a story was invented, it was immediately replayed everywhere on the planet. Syria’s young godfather was asked just a couple of months before that whether he sees any similar actions to what happened in those countries in Syria? He replied: No. He was right, it was nothing similar to those countries, there are not enough people to be fooled to make a difference and Satan started sending in Fatso and Erdo to try to convince Syria’s young godfather to allow some poison in his body in exchange of stopping the killing from escalating! Either we inject poison in your body and have these deadly cells work their work slowly or you step down voluntarily or we make sure you are killed. Syria’s young godfather rejected all these sick offers and decided to withstand and so he did.

Satan & his tools against Syria
Satan & his tools against Syria

Syria’s children inside and those worldwide stood hand in hand to defend her, by directly fighting Satan’s children in and by spreading the facts outside. Erdo and Fatso started making rumors: One week and Syria’s young godfather will be toppled. 2 weeks and he’ll be toppled. 2 months and he’ll be toppled. Before the holy days he will be toppled.. All their estimations failed and Satan saw no other way out except to go in full power in person and trigger all his tools. Erdo and Fatso took off their masks and showed their real faces, so did those who once acted as friends of Syria. Suddenly, all those who hated Syrians for decades and caused their country into suffering due to continuous sanctions, attacks, and threats were caring for the Syrian people. Seeing the real ugly faces of Erdo and Fatso Syria’s sons vowed to resist and vowed to win the battle. They called it a ‘civil war’ between different sects of the children of Syria, Syria’s children defaced this lie. They called it a ‘dictator killing own people’, Syria’s children showed the world how united they are behind Syria’s godfather to defend Syria from dictators making that claim. They called it a ‘war between two parties’, Syria’s children proved it’s a war between a nation and evil infiltrators led by Satan in person and managed by Satan’s tools, especially Erdo and Fatso.

More than 2 years passed by now when writing this story, Syria lost many of its finest children who stood up defending her, but managed to kill thousands of highly trained Satan’s terrorists coming from all sides of the planet at the will of Satan to fight the good and spread evil. Most of Syria’s ancient heritage is destroyed, but buildings can be rebuilt, and those ancient ruins are called ‘ruins’ for a good reason. Many of Syria’s children were displaced internally, they were happy to sacrifice for the integrity of their Syria. Many were displaced abroad, some of those were fooled by Satan’s tools, especially fanatic Erdo with his play acts and Fatso with his media power, but many of those displaced abroad realized the plan and woke up.

On the ground, Syria’s finest children are rewriting history all over again, they are defeating Satan with all his might and his tools’ might combined, unprecedented attack this time led by Satan using all types of deception and power. Satan seeing his plot falling apart and his tools are failing, he decided to enter the fight directly carrying out strikes by himself, Syria restrained, another one, Syria restrained. Will Syria respond and deliver a direct blow to Satan?

Think of it in the context of the preface of this long story, Syria a lady champion in Kung Fu with thousands of years in collective experience and knowledge, being attacked by hyenas from all sides and Satan in-person waiting for a chance to attack. Some managed to inject some poison in her body which she is recovering from with lots of pain.

Her friends abroad vowed to help, but at the beginning of the aggression against her, when she asked for help from her own friends some of them hesitated and kept doors open with the poisonous cells seeing which side will win instead of standing firmly next to her as she stood with all who needed and hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees from all sides of the old world who fled atrocities accepting them as her own children and becoming as so.

When a lady champion in Kung Fu has been beaten for more than 2 years from all sides, having traces of poison in her body, would she go for the championship set at a certain date in the future before time and before she recovers totally unless she’s forced to? Or she would make a full recovery from all internal diseases and be ready to knock out her foe with a decisive strike? What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, and when you know your enemies good on all fronts you know where to strike and who to strike first, cut the snake’s head and all her body will die.

Erdo and Fatso have dark days ahead, Erdo trying to invoke a war against Syria bringing all his friends Syria herself tried to convince him they’re not his friends rather playing with him and reminding him with the wall he kept hitting his head with trying to enter their club, but seems Erdo had a brain injury from the number of times he hit his head with that wall. Fatso is having his name cursed more and more especially with his media outlets losing viewers so rapidly.

Syria will not deliver the blow before she’s totally ready, but in the meantime, she’s extracting and terminating all Satan’s cannibal soldiers from her earth and at the same time pointed her arrows towards the heart of Satan, her nephew vowed to stand beside her to the last and would join in any confrontation with Satan. Her best friend seeing she was able to stand on her feet again, although trying to keep some leverage with the ‘moderate bearded’ germs he’s trying to insert into Syria’s body no idea why, but decided to join force in case Syria is attacked by Satan or Erdo or both of them. A very old friend Syria had which she shares with a lot of her name letters and much more realizing he also can depend on the strength of the lady champion in Kung Fu and eyeing a larger presence in the warm waters decided to assist Syria not in defeating Satan, rather in stopping Satan from attacking Syria any further. It’s a matter of time when someone makes the first move. Satan is built on evil, envy, and hatred, the three qualities that lead to foolishness, and with a long history of foolish errors, is unpredictable.

Syria abbreviates the world

We see a happy ending for Syria, her nephew and friends, let’s just hope they don’t make the same mistake for the third time and this time they punish the wrongdoers instead of forgiving them. A New Syria is about to be born.

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