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Syria: Al-Qaeda Forces Kill 11 People in Ras al-Ain


Al-Qaeda jihadists attacked the Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain in north-eastern Syria.

While the Syrian Arab army (SAA) was able to gain more grounds in the battles against the foreign-backed terrorist groups as well as against the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots fighting against the secular government of President Bashar al-Assad in the capital Damascus, also the clashes in the strategically important region of the Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain near the Syrian border to Turkey are still ongoing.

The Kurdish fighters try everything to protect their families and to gain grounds against the jihadist forces, that are probably or even (according to PKK officials) supported by the Turkish government of Prime Minister Erdogan.

However, it is said that the most of the dead after the attack against the Kurdish town of Ras al-Ain in the north of Syria are gunmen and jihadists from the attacking groups.

The incident took place after a group of foreign-supported terrorists have assaulted the strategically important Kurdish border town of Ras al-Ain, clashing with the Kurdish fighters in the region who try everything to protect their families and to survive in this embattled region in north-eastern Syria near the border to Turkey.

At least, most of the dead after yesterday’s clashes in the area of the border town of Ras al-Ain are radical Islamists and al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. However, the attack by the armed jihadist forces and further Syrian al-Qaeda offshoots, which are probably really supported by powers in Turkey, has forced a large number of Kurdish civilians to flee into small Turkish villages in the neighbouring country of Turkey.

As stated, at least 11 people have been killed in the gruesome attacks by the al-Qaeda-affiliated forces in the area of the strategically important border town of Ras al-Ain. The attacks by the violent jihadist forces with links to the CIA-backed terrorist organization Al Qaeda started on Friday.

The al-Qaeda-linked Islamist groups started their attacks on several larger Kurdish areas in northern and north-eastern Syria, near the border to Turkey, on Friday. Some clashes are still ongoing and one can just hope the best for the Kurdish fighters in their attempts to protect their areas against the gruesome and violent Islamist forces.

Several groups of Kurdish fighters were able to gain the control above the strategically important Syrian border town of Ras al-Ain in July this year. After the Kurdish fighters managed to expel the there operative jihadist forces with links to the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, the Kurdish fighters have taken the important town under their control.

However, since then, they are often the target of further attacks by the Syrian al-Qaeda branches and other terrorist groups, who often come from Turkey. In addition several reports from the Syrian region near the border to Turkey suggest that units of the Turkish military try to support the al-Qaeda forces in their fights against the Syrian Kurds in the region of Ras al-Ain.


The foreign-backed terrorist groups as well as the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamist forces have been launching assault on the important border town of Ras al-Ain and other Kurdish-held areas in northern and north-eastern Syria since weeks and the clashes between the armed jihadist forces and the honourable Kurdish fighters are often very intense and lead to losses on both sides.

As already reported yesterday, a group of foreign-backed terrorists have killed at least 11 Syrian Christians in the area of the western city of Homs yesterday. Several groups of terrorists and jihadists have attacked a checkpoint in a Christian area in the West of the Syrian city of Homs as well as several other Syrian villages, in their majority populated by Syrian Christians, yesterday.

The units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) were able to repel further attacks by the foreign-supported terrorist groups. However, tat least 11 people were killed, including Syrian civilians. In addition, other reports suggest that more Syrian Christians have been killed yesterday in the western part of the countryside of the Syrian city of Homs.

Although the killing of eleven people in the countryside of Homs is no real massacre, but at least to be called the next gruesome crime by the Western-backed terrorist forces on Syrian soil. The official Syrian state news agency, SANA, cited an official from Syria as saying that “terrorists today committed a massacre, killing 11 people … in Homs countryside.”

A lot of Syrian Christians tried to escape the clashes and urban warfare in the city of Homs and they fled to the Christian villages in the countryside of Homs. However, the Syrian Christians a still a main target for the violent sectarian rage of the foreign-backed terrorist and jihadist forces and the West as well as the regime in Tel Aviv and especially the Saudi regime support the killing of Christians and other minorities in Syria.

Several Western governments, including the administrations in Germany, Britain and France, support the gruesome terrorist forces in killing Syrian Christians and other religious minorities on Syrian soil. That the totalitarian dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and some other powers support the violent persecution of Christians in Syria comes as no surprise, sadly.

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  1. corrector

    “As stated, at least 18 Kurds have been killed in the gruesome attacks by the al-Qaeda-affiliated forces in the area of the strategically important border town of Ras al-Ain.”

    Read your sources more carefully: 11 of the 18 death were islamist attackers. The rest 2 kurdish medics and 5 kudish fighter.

    • M. Klostermayr

      thanks for correction.. indeed, sorry :/ will correct it now. Sorry, just woke up and certainly need more coffee. Can you give me the source about the medics and so on? Maybe its better than the Press TV stuff (?) Have a good day and thanks!

      • Arklight

        Hey, MK; Press TV is sometimes a bit more enthusiastic than strictly accurate, but over all they’re producing pretty good reportage; it’s nice of corrector to monitor and fact check, especially since you’re basically a one man band up there. Thanks to corrector, my condolences to the comrades, friends and families of the Kurds killed by the jihadist rats. Well, 11 dead rats will provide weapons and ammunition for the Kurds; have served the purpose as supply points for the Kurds, the rats can just move on, then burn in Hell. Well done Kurds, and good hunting.


    Our condolences to our brothers & sisters of the Syrian Kurds & also the Iraqi Kurds. Also our Condolences to our Christian brothers & sisters in Syria & Egypt.

  3. AH

    I just read on BBC World News that “reasons for the sudden influx of over 10,000 Kurdish refugees into Iraqi Kurdistan are NOT CLEAR, although there has been some recent fighting between Al Nusra Front and Kurdish Militias”.

    Well, BBC (British Broadcasting Crap), no SAA in the area, hm? No Assad loyals to blame? Who’s left for a reason? Turkey or FSA & Co? No, officially not possible, so – reason unclear. Oh, I know – it’s the weather, yes, we blame it on a bad drought (as we can’t upset our throat-slitting friends…)

    • Arklight

      Hi, AH. Neither SAA nor jihadi rats are welcome in the Kurdish enclaves, and YPG apparently hasn’t captured enough terrorist weapons to form a cohesive armed force, as yet. The Kurds who migrated to Iraq, as I understand it, went there to put their families in a safe place and, I’d guess, that the fit men will get arms and ammunition from the Peshmirga and go back across the bridge. The Kurds get stiff armed by almost every one because they’re not really Arabs, so there’s the hideous racial BS in play. I guess that Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran figure that if the Kurds are ignored, somebody will overrun the entire population and the problem will be solved. I can’t get my head around the thought process, personally.

  4. AH

    Hi Arklight,
    Do you think there may be some support from Iran to the Kurds which may eventually bring tbem back closer to the Assad Govt?
    Oh, and thanks for you bold comment on my far too onesided view on Christianity in the region. After reading it a second time, I realized how +*&%$# it acually is…

    • Arklight

      Hi, AH. No, I don’t think that Iran will provide any material support to the Kurds in either Iran, Iraq, Syria or Turkey. Iran, as has Iraq and Syria, come to an ‘understanding with the non-political Kurds; they don’t bother the Kurds, the Kurds don’t run amok in that country. The Syrian Kurds have been excluded from many aspects of Syrian – – um – – political construct, but SAA leaves them alone, which is pretty much all the mainstream Kurds want. ‘We have our space, our way of doing things, so we won’t turn on you, if you just leave us be.’ The jihadists are just too stupid to understand that, the Turks are, apparently, also going to seize the opportunity to poke a stick into the hornets nest. I do think that Iraq, by providing the pontoon bridge for the Syrian Kurds, have quietly provided material aid to the Syrian Kurds, since the posts on both sides of the border are normally well manned, and heavily monitored. I don’t know, but I suspect, that Iran was very careful not to notice. My thinking is that the Syrian Kurds are parking their families with the Iraqi Kurds and will take the opportunity to gear up and go back to Syria to fight the terrorists, maybe with some Peshmirga leadership, a large percentage of whom are combat experienced. That’s just a guess, though.

      About your previous comment with the religious tone? I thought it was much more inappropriate than offensive, so no biggie. The thing is that there will undoubtedly be the odd Billy Sunday popping in from time to time, so if we both watch for that and nip it in the bud, the forum will be much better served, if that’s something you’d care to do. MK is pretty much a one man band, posting in a third language in which he is not fluent so – – he already has his hands full, and cannot possibly vet the posts. He does run a very good forum, all things considered, and doesn’t need the extra hassle. You’re okay, dude, pleased to have met ya.


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