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Syria: Terrorists killed Syrian Christians in Homs Countryside


Terrorists killed Syrian Christians in the villages of Marmarita and Al-Hasn.

According to the latest news about the Syrian conflict, a group of foreign-backed extremists, either affiliated with the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or the Syrian al-Qaeda offshoot (e.g. Jabhat al-Nusra / al-Nusra Front) have carried out a gruesome attack in the countryside of the city of Homs today morning.

The group of armed terrorists have, as it is reported from Syria, killed tens of Syrian civilians and wounded dozens other civilians in an attack against two Syrian villages (Al-Hasn and Marmarita) in the countryside of Homs.

The two Syrian villages are (were?) mainly populated by Syrian Christians, and thus, the group of foreign-supported extremists have massacred many locals in their attack against both Syrian villages in the countryside of the city of Homs. The attack against the two Syrian villages of Al-Hasn and Marmarita near Homs happened today morning. So far, there is no detailed information about the death toll available.

However, the news are again gruesome and demand a condemnation of the violence by the foreign-backed terrorists by the UN Security Council (UNSC). However, the double-standards of the United Nations (UN) might lead to the already known situation that the officials of the UN stay quiet about the gruesome attacks and horrible violence by the terrorists against Syrian civilians.

The information, which is known so far, says that the two Syrian villages of Al-Hasn and Marmarita, mainly populated by Syrian Christians, were attacked by a group of terrorists today morning. The armed extremists have at least killed more than 15 Christians and wounded many more in their attacks against the locals of both Syrian villages in the countryside of Homs.

Units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) have repelled the attacks against the two villages and were finally able to push back the armed terrorist groups. In addition, other attempts of armed terrorists to also attack further Syrian villages in the area and to capture some areas were foiled by the Syrian soldiers in the western area of the countryside of Homs.

According to the reports from the western part of the countryside of Homs, the then occurred clashes between the Syrian army and the armed extremists have inflicted huge losses at the side of the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists. According to a source, tens of armed terrorists were clashed in an intense battle near the Syrian village of al-Havas (also located in the countryside of Homs).

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Syrian army repelled attacks by the extremists near Homs

The units of the Syrian army were overall able to repel further attempts to capture Syrian villages and to kill further Syrian Christians by the armed terrorist groups in the area today morning.

However, some battles are still ongoing and especially the death toll of the terrorist attack against the 2 Syrian villages of Al-Hasn and Marmarita, mainly populated by Syrian Christians, is expected to increase when further details are available from the region.

One can probably assume that these murderers are the Takfiri terrorists, of which Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, spoke in his speech yesterday.

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  1. anton

    I find it sad & deeply hypocritical that so-called “Christian” Western countries turn a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians in Syria.It reminds me of the parable Jesus taught about the Good Samaritan. “Christian”Western countries are those that looked the other way.

  2. Canthama

    Anton, this is the best of dirty politics by the countries supporting the terrorists, the worst that exists since it plays with human life. The countries supporting the terrorists will probably blame the Syrian government for that killing, if not saying SAA did it at least saying it happened because Assad did not step down his rightful post to give the Syrian country to a bunch of thugs. All Syrians independently of religion are suffering and will unfortunately continue to do so until SAA and its allies can wipe Syria clean from this disease, but when it happens do not think the countries supporting the terrorists will stop playing against the Syrians, they will do what they are doing to Iran, slow strangulation by sanctions. Time for the good countries around the world to stop supporting the countries supporting this stupid policies, maybe the struggle in Syria was what was needed to shift this policy once forever, God willing it.

  3. anton

    So true,Why would the Syrian government perpetrate such an atrocity when it needs support from the so-called “minority” fighting the so-called “majority”?Only those opposed to Syrian unity will benefit & that is not the position of the Syrian government from what I’ve observed

  4. Arklight

    Hm. Let’s look at it like this; the Takfiris are more than willing to kill anyone whom they don’t have to actually fight, so they kill Alawite, Druze, Christian, Shia, Sunni – – whomever they can who cannot defend themselves. So, we have dead from the five groups (and others) mentioned, and also dead Takfiris. The question is, of the six groups, the members of which one are NOT going to see Paradise, except at a distance when the Gates of Hell open to receive the Takfiris?

    • Kj

      dears the traitors to civilization (usa uk etc) care less about Christianity. They only care about destroying countries who refuse to give up its sovereignty like Syria. Since Syria refused to jump to the zionist tune it is being punished. The traitors to civilization are like Judas who sol d Jesus , Peace be upon Him, for 30 silver coins .

      Remember also how crusaders (england france) destroyed Byzanthium/Constantinopolous en route to the destru ction of Suria n Jerusalem.

      Those traitors only have interest n r inhuman. I feel sorry for them. I just pray to God that Syria does not fall to the terrorists. Please join me in my prayer.

  5. AH

    There are a couple of unsaid strategic facts about the US “war game” in the ME:
    Firstly, I believe, the US are more comfortable with a Shia enemy than loosing the oil resources of KSA, Qatar, UAE & else. Currently the US can’t afford that due to their dependency on “Takfiri oil”.
    Secondly there was (prior to the Syrian war), Turkey’s, KSA’s and Jordan’s push to secure the corridor through Syria, a long standing thorn in the economic ambitions of those countries.
    Thirdly, the US did probably not want to risk loosing Pakistan’s fragile partnership. This nation, if it turns into an enemy of the US, is a huge threat. Don’t make the mistake in thinking that Syria has no remote strategic link to Pakistan in US military considerations.

    Moreover, there is no ultimate Israeli-US scheme to destabilze the Islamic world. The Islamic world is its own worst enemy and I also get sick of the “Resistance”. Rather than focusing on real world politics and making real issues the agenda of the day, Shia politicians use all their energy in raising the “resistance agenda”. Let me tell you – it’s outdated, self-destructive and just as hypocritical as US ME policy.

    The US plan in Syria went badly wrong. The US knows that the whole Arabic world is a world of religious sentiments, political opportunism and deeply rooted hatred between Sunni and Shia and their allied minority groups.

    Turning the rudder and supporting sectarian politics in the ME would probaly be a declaration of war against the oil sheikhs and then there would even be more Al Qaeda in the world then there already is.
    I am sure that both Isreal and the US have realized what force they have let loose by supporting Assads fall.
    Deep in their minds, the US military strategists wish nothing more than stable dictatorships they can control.

    Not the Takfiris are the puppets of the US… The US have become the puppets of the Takfiris. And they dont know who to get out of the dilemma.


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