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Russia’s President Putin criticizes US President Obama

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

Vladimir Putin’s open letter to the Americans in regards of Syria.

While two mortar shells were again fired from Syrian soil to an area in the southern Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and it is not yet known who has fired the mortar shells into the Golan Heights, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has slammed the statements by US President Barack Obama in his recent speech to the Americans in regards of Syria and the alleged use of chemical weapons.

The open letter by the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to the Americans and the leadership of the United States in Washington is certainly very interesting, while there is currently no more information available about the two mortar shells that have hit the southern Golan Heights, which are still illegally occupied by the Israel regime in Tel-Aviv.

Russia’s President Putin has, for example, stated that the statements by the American President Obama about the situation that the Americans would be “exceptional” as very dangerous. Vladimir Putin’s open letter does not only explain several situations in and around Syria, but also criticizes U.S. President Obama for encouraging the people to see themselves as “exceptional” and said that he does not know the motivation behind such a statement, which is “extremely dangerous,” comes from.

U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama has held a speech to the American people on September 10 in regards of Syria and the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its own people. While the Obama administration has yet not presented any convincing evidence for its claims against the Syrian governance in Damascus, the speech by Obama to the Americans was filled with lies and self-adulation. Putin refers to this speech by Barack Obama in his open letter to the Americans and their administration in Washington.

For example, US President Obama said in his speech to the American nation on September 10 in terms of the US stance on Syria and the possible US-led military strike against Damascus that he believes that “the Americans should act” against the Syrian government because this is that what “makes America different.”

That is, according to US President Obama, what makes the Americans “exceptional.” Obama added that “with humility, but with resolve, let us (the Americans) never lose sight of that essential truth.” Barack Obama then even claimed that the American principles and ideals are “at stake in Syria.”

However, the criticism by Russia’s President Putin in his open letter to the American people and the leaders in Washington seems valid. Vladimir Putin explained in his open letter to the United States that the encouraging of people to see themselves as “exceptional” is an extremely dangerous phrase and that he has no idea why Obama used such a dangerous phrase and encouraged his people to see themselves as “exceptional.” Russia’s President Putin also said in his open letter to America that all people “are different but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

Afterwards, Vladimir Putin urged the American people to be cautious in dealing with the turmoil and issue of Syria and to put everything into question and that they shall consider the possible consequences and the situation on ground in Syria. Putin further has censured the warmongering policies of the current administration of the United States in Washington. Any military strike against Syria would only worsen the situation in the Arab country and would have dire consequences for the Syrian people and even for the entire Middle East.

Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.
Syrian soldiers are executed by US-backed terrorists in Syria.

Russia’s President Putin is convinced that any military intervention in internal conflicts of foreign states only worsens the situation in this country and that everybody should seek ways to resolve the Syrian conflict politically and without the use of force against Damascus. According to the words by Vladimir Putin, it is already alarming that a military intervention in the internal conflicts of foreign sovereign states has “become commonplace for the United States.”

In his open letter to the American people and the leadership of Barack Obama in Washington, the Russian president has yet again rejected the accusations that the Syrian government in Damascus was behind the use of chemical weapons (e.g. poison gas) in the chemical attack in suburbs of the capital on August 21.

Vladimir Putin also warned that any military action by the United States against Syria could increase the conflict and violence and is also able to spread the conflict and bloodshed to other countries. A US-led attack on Syria would result “in more innocent victims” and even “unleash a wave of terrorism worldwide.” This underlines the situation that a US-led attack on Syria would even be in support of Al-Qaeda in the region.

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