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Obama: The Nobelist of War Made his Speech on Syria

Barack Obama, the modern Pinocchio.

US President Barack Obama has yet again lied about Syria.

After I have watched the speech of Barack Obama to the American nation live, I was only able to shake my head about what my ears had to hear. Every second sentence was a lie. No. Obamas speech was a collection of lies, far-fetched allegations and false insinuations.

I still wonder why my screen had no crack afterwards, and why the ceiling has not fallen onto his head. As we know from our childhood, Pinocchio’s nose grows significantly with each lie he tells. Obama’s nose would have to be 10 kilometres long.

The lie, which has pervaded the whole speech, was that Obama accuses President Assad to have the sole responsibility for the internal war in Syria. But, who has smuggled all the terrorists to Syria and supplied them with weapons?

Obama said this:

“America has cooperated with the Allies to deliver humanitarian assistance to the moderate opposition, so that a political solution will be created.”

Say what? For U.S. President Obama, the masses of weapons are a “moderate support”, the terrorists of Al-Qaeda are a “moderate opposition”, and the overthrow of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and the destruction of the Syrian authorities are a “political solution”.

To fool the audience, Obama mentioned the use of poison gas in World War I and the gassing of Jews by Nazis in order to let the audience think that Syria’s President Assad is, at least, the new Adolf Hitler (who else). As evidence for his claims that the Assad regime in Syria would have used poison gas, President Obama cited some YouTube videos, mobile photos and accounts at Facebook. And this should be credible sources to justify a war?

Of course, Iran had to be mentioned as a scaremonger. “If America will not counter pose Assad, then his allies such as Iran will ignore international law and build nuclear weapons, rather than to pursue a peaceful way,” Obama said.

Barack Obama, the modern Pinocchio.
Barack Obama, the modern Pinocchio.

Again, the insinuation and lie that Iran wants to build nuclear bombs or is doing it already. Where is the evidence for this assertion? Furthermore, who really ignores the international law here? Only Washington, by the threat to even launch a war of aggression against Syria without the consent of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Then Iran. Iran pursues a peaceful path for over 33 years. During this time, however, the United States have conducted numerous wars, toppled governments, and killed millions of people by that.

Afterwards, Barack Obama plays the role as a self-aggrandising dictator. “I have defined that it is in the national security interests of the United States to respond to the use of chemical weapons by the regime of Assad with a military attack. This is my decision as supreme commander.”

How is Syria able to threaten the national security of the United States? That’s ridiculous and completely lied. The two countries are 10,000 kilometres apart and there is even a sea and an ocean in between. Except US President Obama considers the entire Middle East as an American territory.

He praised himself as a peacemaker and said: “Finally, I’ve been working to end wars in the last 4 1/2 years, not to launch them.”

That takes the biscuit. That’s outrageous. What about the war in Libya with nearly 100,000 dead? Has he not started the war against Libya? Or what about the drone wars on Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, which has already cost the lives of thousands of innocent civilians?

Obama also said:

“America is not the policeman of the world. But if we are able to prevent the gassing of children and therefore make our children safer, I think, we should act.”

It`s an insolence of Barack Obama to mention children and their gasification in one sentence. This is pure negative propaganda. How is the safety of American children threatened through Syria? And then, America is thus not the policeman of the world?

Why are then all the naval units and fleets of the U.S. Navy in all the oceans? Why is the United States then operating over 800 U.S. military bases around the entire world? Why maintains America this gigantic military machine with a budget of 700 billion dollar per year? Sure thing, in order to be able to play the world’s policeman.

Finally, Obama said:

“I have asked the Chairman of the Congress to postpone the vote on the authorization to use force, while we pursue the diplomatic way.”

How generous of Obama to suspend the war against Syria for the time being. Without the export of the terrorists to Syria, there would be no conflict in Syria.

Peace would be easily possible, the West ends its deliveries of weapons and mercenaries to Syria and lets the Syrians to regulate their political system themselves without an interference from the outside.

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  1. Bobby

    One of the qualification a US president MUST have is to be able to lie to fools the US citizens. Anyway 90% of the are illiterate fools! One can easily manipulate them.

    • Ken

      Well my friends, America is obviously still the BEST place for ALL sorts of nationalities to live. Despite all of the faults. Ask anyone that you know, whom may be here.

    • kingsley smith

      90% of Americans are disconnected…it is pathetic here…the worst part is the indifference! Be “pro-life” but pro-war!!! I always speak of the brave Syrian army fighting teror…what else can you tell them?

      • Arklight

        Hi, Kingsley. Well, the disconnect of the American public could be more in the line of the ‘moveable feast’, in that they become very connected on some issues, and brutally ignorant on others. I think, personally, that Americans are increasingly disconnected from Israel and the Israelis, transferring their moral support to the Syrian people and its government. Syria is firmly secular, firmly loyal, and unflinchingly opposed to the jihadi rats, whatever they call themselves, with countless local defense forces fighting the jihadi rats in order to keep them out of the neighborhoods and villages, and this is something that Americans admire at best, or at worst do not harshly condemn. SAA, NDF and the local defense forces are displaying enviable valor, and discretion in the attack in order to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible; this model of offensive operations takes its toll upon the good guys in the form of additional casualties incurred while securing and mopping up enemy held territory. My hat’s off to them, that’s for sure.

      • Arklight

        Hey, Robert. I’m not sure that it’s true that Americans are not stupid, but I am positive that Americans become very well self educated in matters that have a ‘hook’ – – something that catches some uniquely American aspect of our incredibly diverse population. As you know, America is an amalgam of every people which have ever walked the planet, together with the instinctive perception of what American should have been; this admixture does, in fact, produce an unique people which instinctively embraces some things, and absolutely repudiates others. I can’t think of any other people who can be so completely hard core when they adopt – – -whatever, or whomever, it is and so rock solid in opposition to what they utterly reject. I think a lot of people mistake us because we rarely rush to judgment, swinging to and fro while parsing the evidence and information, but once we decide either pro or con, it’s over, and all the BS artists anyone can parade across the TV screen will make no difference.

        • Robert

          I’ll tell you what the problem is with the American people. We have had it too good for a long time and now that our world here is falling a part, many don’t want to hear about it. They rather wear blinders and ear muffs to block out the truths because it scares them to death. They rather be entertained after a hard day at work. Most Americans are selfish fools; but at least 89 percent of us are against this war Obama is working hard at getting going. It will backfire on us and the bad thing about it is that it is us the common people that will suffer while our Government sits back and enjoys all the luxuries we can’t afford because our Government is so greedy and corrupt. I wish I would have been born in a different country that stays neutral and doesn’t push their war agendas on other countries all the time. America has been in one war after another ever since the beginning of our Governments beginning.

          • Arklight

            Yeah, it’s true that Americans got fat and lazy, as well as inattentive The backbone of a republic is an educated, informed and active electorate, and that has become increasingly a weakness, until 9/11. I don’t personally know anyone who believed that WTC 1 & 2 were burnt down, and even before the various 911 Truth groups put forward scientific evidence that not only will steel skeleton buildings not succumb to heat generated by burning jet fuel, but the pancake collapse of both towers a free fall speed was just not logical. TT 7 coming down in the same manner, with no appreciable fire damage, brought out more suspicion that things just didn’t add up. Dave von Kleist produced his excellent video, “In Plane Sight”, which was regularly sold out, then Alex Jones came out with 9/11 was an inside job. suspicion was further fueled by on site video of the Shankesville site with no major aircraft debris, passenger remains or luggage anywhere around the trench, then the Pentagon with only a 10′ hole that was supposedly punched by a heavy commercial aircraft. Nothing added up. A lot of the fat and lazy couch potatoes smelled a rat, and began doing their own research. ‘The Lost Terror Drills IIA and IIB’ got printed out and carefully parsed, I have no idea how many times, but was frequently quoted in comments to alternative media sites. Well, if it was possible that we were lied to about the WTC attack, what else are we being lied to about? More and more people started nosing around on their own, and now we’ve gotten to the point where almost no one believes anything that comes out of DC. People who scoffed at the ‘inside job’ in 2001-2 are now carefully following trends in aggression, watching the developments of DC’s agenda, and calling the next days news almost to the words and inflection. Once Americans do get their backs up, there’s no telling how far they will take something.

  2. Martin Speer

    So true; the world really has gone topsy turvy and the lunatics seem to have finally taken over the asylum. They fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq and support them in Libya and Syria. Where is the logic???

  3. John Smith

    Where do you get the 90% illiteracy rate of U.S. citizens? Is that an official figure from The Syrian Propaganda Ministry aka Syria News? Also, please learn proper English grammar and spelling if you are going to throw around insults. You guy’s need to read a U.S. newspaper, no normal person here wants to support the Terrorists fighting against the Assad Government, and we don’t care about your civil war. Some of us would like to see one here, in the U.S. Or at least an election with a choice other than a Republican warmonger or Democrat warmonger. I hope Paul runs again, he might have a chance. Still, you guys are dumb.

  4. nabila

    Obama is a dictator, he lost his legitimacy. America needs regime change. They have WMD and they use them!!!! They crossed the red line. What about arming south american death squats and sending them in to do the job? I am sure the us-americans will feel gracefull if we help them like that. If the rebels don’t work will assist them by nuclear power – does that sound good?

    • Arklight

      Nabila, when someone of whom the US does not approve trains and arms death squads and other ne’er do wells, they are wicked, mean and evil, bad and nasty. When the US does it, it is a righteous endeavor with the goal of spreading Truth, Justice and The American Way in the wake of the atrocities. It’s all a matter of semantics.

  5. georg

    are we aaaallllll brainwashed?

    I must admit: I am privileged: I live in a safe place, I have the security of good livelyhood, safe roof over my head, good health, I have fast internet, I can expose myself as I choose….I can say what I want, I can think , what I want…..oh, is that true?
    last night I was seeing an interview on Russia today on the “war of terror” with Abdel Bari Atvan – a lengthy interview, where the balls got thrown in the same direction about the threat and terror Obama poses towards the Near Eastern world -an expert discussion on right and wrong, on truth and lies about the syrian conflict – and not a single word about 2/3 of a population beeing displaced, millions homeless, hundred thousand dead, hundreds of thausands people, families, children, elderly fleeing the country, having lost their homes, work, education, past and future, a situation, which started off as a collectiv voice about human rights, about human demands for a better future, the voice coming only from the people in villages, neigborhoods, not from anybody “outside”, not from AlQaida, not from “intruders” – and from what seemed in all eyes around the globe an “opposition-movement” was termed overnight “rebels” “outsiders”, paid insurgence”. in the wake of which truley the insurgence and intruders followed on the bandwaggon……
    wait a minute: was I dreaming, did all the above mentioned not happen – am I dreaming now: did Obama and almost the rest of the world realy instigate this mess, does realy anybody outside Syria have a vested interest in destroying a beautiful country ?
    In my confusion I looked at Syrian News , happy, that I have the privilage to read, discuss, and write, what I like and think……
    No doubt, nobody wants anybody to dominate over him, everybody/every country has the right to realize its goals in its own way, according to its own values and traditons – who wants a watchdog over once own ethics, own values, own convictions –
    here I have to stop again and rethink my positions: are we talking about universal values, religious values, human values and how can these values be abused, redefined, modified or simply ignored?
    Are realy 90% of all Americans fools – even illiterate fools, or all the Europeans with hundreds of thousands of Immigrands and Refugees stupid – only blinded by their understanding of human rights and democracy – or are there millions of civilians, who have genuine feelings of whats right and wrong, beyond partylines, beyond ideologies or religious beliefs……..or am I just one of those believers, who think, they are free to think independently, humanly and intelligently …
    I prefer to dream the outcome of such ponderings in my own way – admittetly brainwashed to some degrees…….but trying to stay in the middle of all influences – be it american, syrian, christian, moslem, … a fish in the water has seemingly no fixed direction I can read and watch chinese, russian , american, left or right press, I can see the vested interests in all the thruths and lies and I see the fraility of human mind, swaying between hopes and fears, power and abuse of power…….this is a privileg, to have so much distance to all traps and trails , and I enjoy it….even brainwashed….a multifacetted happening, not to capture with any opinion or partyline…….an endevor of intelligence to look through the maze of oppositions and contradictions…..privileged, who can afford such freedom.


    The real problem is there are no good guys in the Syrian conflict. The sides are terrible.

    The real problem is there are no good guys in the Syrian conflict. The sides are terrible.

    The “good guys” are the children who are being endangered and murdered by both sides. How about a kindertransport to get the children out of that war zone.

    Many of the World War II Kindertransport children were not formally adopted because their parents were still alive when they left. Very few had parents after the war, and sometimes reuniting parents and children after 1945 was problematic. Some children felt abandoned when, in fact, the parents were doing the only thing they could to save their children’s lives.

    I’m suggesting we get the children out of harm’s way until the civil war is over—if it ever is. Arab civil wars have a tendency to start, become furious, hibernate, and then start again.

    There is no certainty the Arab parents would even put their children on a kindertransport. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  7. Martin

    The picture suits Obama well haha

    The Us , the world savior !
    Syria and his new Hitler ? !

    Didnt the Us saved the lives of so many Nazies ! ( operation paperclip )

    yes they did ! come on over to our side and share your knowledge with us , we forgive you ! heres a new Id have a happy live and welcome
    Hey lets use that knowledge and drop a big nasty bom ! ( Hyroshima ) so many innocents lives !
    and look at the new borns ( even ) now
    Talk about shit !
    sorry a bit off topic but men…screw the Us !

    • Arklight

      Hey, Martin – – yeah, I’llbombya gets 108 Pinochios for that emission of political gas. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were another instance of gilding the lily. Japan was deep into a national famine by mid June of 1945, and Japan would have been forced to capitulate by early autumn, no invasion necessary. Well, we had these new bombs, and what the heck – – if you spend a couple billion dollars to build a firecracker, somebody is going to light it. For well over a year Japanese were dying from the effects of the famine, and no one will ever know the total of famine victims.

      I’d love to get the straight skinney from some of the Nazis that came over in Paperclip; maybe some memoirs will get out from under the lids of safety deposit boxes. One can hope, huh?

  8. Robert

    Obama is the biggest lying piece of crap alive. All Obama is, is one Jive Ass Turkey. He is a War Monger and Hypocrite. He sad he would not take us into wars years ago before he got elected and look at him now. This asshole is no better then Hitler. Change he said? If this is the change he meant before he got elected, than this bastard needs to be brought up on war crimes along with all his cabinet. What makes Obama and my Government think it’s OK to drop tons of Chemicals on 1000’s of people in the Vietnam War called Agent Orange but than they say it is wrong for some other country to do the same? That is total Hypocrisy and bullshit. These bastards want to put us in another World War. Son if a bitches.

  9. Bmuhlhausen

    It it difficult for one to objectively read an editorial with so many grammatical errors. Americans are illiterate fools? That entire comment is grammatically incorrect. If you want to criticize a nation, you really should use spellcheck. Quite amusing.

  10. Robert

    I learned a lot by this movie that is 2 hours and 12 minutes long. (Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

    If you have not watched it, I would advice you take the time to do so.

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