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Syria- Mother Sees her Daughters First Time after 3 Years with al-Qaeda


One horrible chapter of the crisis in Syria is closed and tens of thousands are still open. All heartbreaking, devastating suffering of human beings inflicted upon by greedy, ignorant and criminal westerners and their regional stooges.

2 young girls kidnapped when Obama regime sponsored al-Qaeda FSA anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists invaded Adra town in northern Damascus countryside more than 3 years ago (Adra Massacres), are now freed from their captors, thanks to a deal struck by the most heroic Syrian Arab Army, the guardians of the homeland.

Details are still being uncovered of this victory by the SAA men and women, it’s just one of tens of thousands of unmatched bravery and heroic acts by these men and women whom decided to protect their land, their honor, their heritage and their loved ones and fight the filthiest filth of inhumane criminals sent to Syria by all hypocrites and ‘Humanitarian Bastards‘ on this planet for a gas pipeline, for the sake of  a One Global New World Order, for causing the ‘Creative Chaos’ preached by the George W. Bush regime and continued by the Obama 2 terms regime..

We have no idea yet and we might never imagine what these 2 young girls went through while in the hands of the most evil servants of Satan, we have no clue how they will continue their future and establish their families, what they’ll tell their children about their suffering and how the world lied to whitewash the crimes of their kidnappers and accuse their own family members of crimes committed by the enemies of God. We also have no clue what their mother went through during these horrible years, day and night and every hour thinking of her little angels. We do know that no words are enough to thank their rescuers.

Such deals can only happen when the SAA manages to capture a commander of the terrorists and in many cases before a western agent leading terrorist groups locally in Syria, let’s pray the SAA keeps the details of such deals to show us when time is right what was going on and what were the real sacrifices to clean Syria from the infiltrating hatred.

Many children were ‘baked’ alive in Adra’s main bakery before the eyes of their parents and siblings while others were raped then killed or sold to some of the Wahhabi ‘Mujahideen’. Whole families were eliminated in that small town, the town that is compromised mostly of workers in the nearby industrial complex.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    If we believe that what goes around will come around, the only fate suitable to the west, i.e. the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, EU, and the west’s regional terror-partners Turkey, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, UAE HAS TO BE the complete downfall. The monstrous atrocities the west and its partners have commited in Syria, imposing pure evil terrorism on a peaceful nation of 23 Million people, HAS TO BE punished in some way, and, believe me, it will be punished.
    How can the western people be that braindead as to believe that, once the time has come, those who made this horror to happen in Syria will not turn against their own people, for the sake of the cabale? And, is it not even a war against the own people, when 49% of the people in the USA officially are registered as “poor” or ffected by poverty. And is it not a war waged on the own people when in Germany (my nation), due to the policies of “Mutti (mother) Merkel” 30% of children are forced to live in poverty, whilst 40% of the elderly people are poor? Is this not also a war, waged on the innocent?
    But Syria will rise again, and I am convinced it will be stronger as ever. May it take time to rebuild the cities, but the will of the syrian people to unite and stand against a world of enemies is written to the history books and will be remembered once and forever.
    God bless Syria and the wonderful syrian people.


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