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Syria: Media War, Small Gift from Syria News

Fahd Masri lies about news of SAA and Hezbollah cleaning Qussayr

USAians (US citizens) like to use the proverb ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me‘, only in relations on personal levels, but when it comes to media or their governments manipulating them, they like to be fooled over and over again, endlessly… How many times the did the US go to wars based on absolute lies? Want some hints? Iraq and the WMDs, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and the war on terror for the revenge of the 3,000 plus killed in the Trade Center in the one million faulted claim and cost hundreds of thousands of lives since 12 years on in ensuing wars.

FSA Spokesperson from Paris Fahd Masri
FSA Spokesperson from Paris Fahd Masri

Earlier today we reported the Liberation of Al-Qussayr city by the SAA, and since we try our best to follow the norms of journalism like the very rare ones left out there and not counting in the western mainstream media of course, in cross-checking information from more than one source and applying common sense and logic among other steps we follow before sharing it on our site, we made sure the information we started receiving late yesterday evening of a swift advance of the SAA into Al-Qussayr city, and the following reports till the full liberation of the city, and until we got the first grab of the footage we shared, we were confident we can break out the news. But as we did so, a Lebanese political talk show on Al Jadeed TV contacted the FSA (Free from Syrians Army) spokesperson, usually residing in Paris, France, to refute totally any news of SAA advancing in the city, let alone the full control of it, and insists fierce battles are still taking place as he speaks in many parts of the city..

It’s not the first lie, we lost counts of their lies back in the first days of April 2011, 3 weeks since their fake revolution started, and the biggest factory for lies could be the so-called SOHR or Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one-man show kiosk in London, read MI6, used as the main source of information about Syria by all major western mainstream media. Well, enjoy this sample:

You shouldn’t feel upset for being fooled for more than 2 years by the same actors, as nobody can be fooled so long except brainless or brainwashed people we refer to as ‘Sheeple’. We’ve been trying to open your eyes since a very long time but you insisted to support the killing in our country with arms, financial support and political cover, you are a partner in the crime against the Syrian people who posed no threat against you and who never caused any harm to you, especially those citizens of NATO member states in the west cutting from their own tax money to support these criminals.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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  1. miri

    "Who are you going to believe? ME or your lying eyes???"

    Indeed, this is a delightful gift, as the interview is so absurd as to appear to be satire — though I must admit I am quite jealous, as I've never seen anyone in the US media expose a liar for lying, even though the lie is so very obvious.

  2. Seth

    This is funny. This guy is making stuff up in his Paris hotel room and all the while you can see the Syrian army is calmly walking the streets waiving flags.


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