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Syria: Maher al-Assad with Key Role in the War on Terror

Maher al-Assad & Bashar al-Assad

Maher al-Assad & 4th Armoured Division are important in the war against the terrorists.

It is no surprise that Maher al-Assad and the 4th Armoured Division are mentioned as very important in the war against the Western-backed terrorist and extremist groups in Syria. It was already known that the younger brother of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad and the 4th Armoured Division are playing a key role in the battles against the Takfiri terrorists and jihadists on Syrian soil.

Maher al-Assad (Arabic: ماهر الأسد‎) is not only the younger brother of President Bashar al-Assad, but also a general of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the commander of the 4th Armoured Division and the Republican Guard. The 4th Armoured Division is an elite troop inside the Syrian Army.

The Syrian general and commander Maher al-Assad is known for his strict views and strategically skills. While the younger brother of Bashar al-Assad is also a member of the Baath Party’s central committee, the Syrian commander Maher al-Assad is among the group of the most powerful people in Syria. Probably under the five most powerful persons in Syria. However, while he is feared by his enemies, the Syrian commander has a very straight character. However, the rumours about Maher al-Assad are uncountable, but one thing is certain – he knows how one has to act against terrorism.

Contrary to the rumours about the alleged death of Maher al-Assad from last year, the Syrian commander of the 4th Armoured Division is still alive. However, just like many other powerful people in Syria, he has disappeared from the public, for good reasons. And in line with the usual policy of the Syrian governance, Maher al-Assad is not reacting to rumours about him.

The 46-year-old Syrian commander Maher al-Assad, with his innumerable sanctions of the United States and the European Union (EU) against him, is still kicking and alive. He still commands about 15,000 elite soldiers among the 4th Armoured Division and several other, smaller elite troops in Syria. Without the 4th Armoured Division and Maher al-Assad’s intense command, Syria would already have been overran completely by the foreign-backed terrorists and criminal human resources from jails all over the Arab world.

And still, the 4th Armoured Division and the smaller Elite troops have not yet used all capacities of its forces in the battles against the Western- and Saudi-backed terrorist groups and Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists. However, the not yet used forces would probably provoke a foreign military intervention by the United States and its allies while these forces would also inflict heavy losses in the ranks of the terrorists.

The 4th Armoured Division of Maher al-Assad is said to be responsible for the liberation of al-Khalidiya and al-Qusayr. Not to mention all the other rumours about the deeds of the 4th Armoured Division and the gained victories of the armed division under the lead of Maher al-Assad.

The 4th Armoured Division has so far played a very important role in the war on terror and in the battles against the armed extremist groups, but also in the attempts to liberate areas from the foreign-backed militants and gunmen. But this also due to the reason that the 4th Armoured Division is probably the best-trained and most organized part of the Syrian forces and simply professional in contrast to other parts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – also because of the command and the stance of Maher al-Assad.

Maher al-Assad
Maher al-Assad

There is so far no sign for problems between Maher al-Assad and his older brother, the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. And it seems that despite his possibilities, Maher al-Assad has no intention to become the president of Syria. However, after the first year of the armed terrorism in the Arab country, there were Syrians who called on Maher al-Assad to replace his older brother in office.

A retired Lebanese Army General has now spoken about the Syrian Army and especially about the 4th Division and Syrian commander Maher al-Assad. The retired Lebanese Army General Hisham Jaber has studied the Syrian Army for a long time and maintains good contacts with several Syrian officers from the 4th Armoured Division.

Hisham Jaber said in regards of the 4th Armoured Division and Maher al-Assad, that Maher is known as a “brave … and in some respects aggressive man, who has a lot of military experience” and this is, including the description as “aggressive man”, correct. He further said that Maher al-Assad has also played a key role in the reshaping the Syrian military as the conflict dragged on.

However, some would say it was too late for a reshaping which should have been done many years before. At least, it was done as good as possible under the monitoring of Maher al-Assad.

It is a pity that Press TV does not report more on the statements by the retired Lebanese Army General about the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Maher al-Assad because it is probably certain that Hisham Jaber said more than just two sentences.

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