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Syria: Syrian Army with Operations in Hama

Syria, Hama

Military operations in the regions of Hama, Homs, Damascus, and Aleppo.

As reported today morning, the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are still conducting several military operations against foreign-backed terrorist groups and armed extremists in several provinces of Syria. While the units of the Syrian army were able to recapture some villages in the countryside of Homs and to free some areas of terrorists in the outskirts of Hama, further military operations are continued in the outskirts of Aleppo and Damascus.

Troops of the Syrian Army were able to recapture the control of some areas in the outskirts of the Syrian city of Hama. For example, the areas of al-Lala and Qaser Ibn Wardan are again under the control of the Syrian Army. However, there are still many battles in front of the Syrian soldiers in the countryside of Hama and it seems to have no end…

While footage, released after the recapture of al-Lala and Qaser Ibn Wardan near the city of Hama has shown how the surviving terrorists have burned the bodies of their killed comrades before they fled from the places of the clashes, it was now reported by a so-called “opposition group” that the Syrian soldiers were able to eliminate at least 15 people in the central province of Hama. However, it seems that the “opposition groups” blames the Syrian Army for the killing of at least 15 civilians in its military operations in the area of Hama.

Of course, what else should such a group do otherwise? One can be certain, although there were incidents of bad deeds by Syrian soldiers in the last two years, such as the selling of historic material on black markets and certainly also cases of torture and such things, as it is in principle (sadly) almost normal – just remember the Vietnam war, the war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and all other wars, the Syrian army has not wilfully killed civilians in the area of Hama. It is to assume that the “opposition group” again sells dead terrorists and extremists as Syrian civilians, killed by Syrian soldiers. Such machinations are also “normal” in such conflicts. All sides lie. There is no more an honest side and this is the usual process in such conflicts.

Thus, it is to assume that at least 15 armed extremists were eliminated by the units of the Syrian army in the military operations against the terrorist groups in the central province of Hama. However, the death toll among the terrorist groups in the region of Hama but also in the countryside of Homs will increase in the upcoming hours and the next days. The same applies for the Christian village of Maaloula.

The clashes and battles between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), which still has too few troops in some areas, against the armed terrorists and Al-Qaeda-affiliated “brigades” on Syrian soil are intense and sometimes really indescribable – just as the gruesome deeds of the foreign-backed terrorists against Syrian civilians or soldiers of the Syrian army. All the massacres, tortures, rapes and executions – often only because the victims have a different belief.

However, the sectarian violence and rage by many of the foreign-backed terrorist groups have led to the result that the majority of the residents in many Syrian towns and villages started to protect themselves in collaboration with the Syrian army and also stopped their support for these armed jihadists and religious fanatics. The attempt to implement the so-called “Salvador Option” in Syria was finally counterproductive for the US-backed alliance behind the agenda for the destruction of Syria.

As stated, the clashes and fighting between the Syrian Army units and the US-/Saudi-backed terrorists are still ongoing in several parts of the Arab country. Some would say in the usual provinces of Syria. The situation at the Syrian-Turkish border is still chaotic and violent, while the residents of Maaloula are not to be envied. The armed jihadists spread violence and bloodshed in the once beautiful and quiet Christian village in the north of Syria’s capital, Damascus.

The battles between the involved sides destroy the beautiful village and the damage to the historic area is not describable. It is like a resident from the Christian village has asked in a report by Russia Today (RT) – they claim to fight Bashar al-Assad, but is al-Assad living in Maaloula? Nope. These foreign-backed terrorists and the Al-Qaeda-linked groups want to spread fear, bloodshed and chaos and this is what they are doing when they arrive in an area of Syria.

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  1. Arklight

    Hi marks to SAA, NDF and the local defense forces, as well as SAF. Digging rats out of rubble is a tough job.

    Two years of constant struggle seems like forever, but recall if you will that it took the British ten years to kill the communist guerillas in Malaya and clean it out, a fight as tough in its own way as is Syria’s don’t quit now, guys, the rats are on the run.


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