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Syria: Growing Living Costs and Economy Suffers

Aleppo Souk - Once beautiful and peaceful.

The people in Syria have to deal with foreign-backed terrorism and many groups of strangers and religious fanatics in some regions of the Arab nation, but this is not the only problem for the Syrian people since the beginning of the proxy war, the implementation of the Salvador option and the following terrorism in Syria. The growing living costs due to the suffering of the economy are very bad for many Syrian families.

The situation in Syria has not really changed since more than two years. The prices have increased – food, heating oil, fuel, and medicine costs much more than many Syrians can afford if it is available, while the economy of the Arab country suffers from the terrorism, acts of sabotage and the sanctions implemented by regional and foreign countries. The jobless rate in Syria has even increased, although the jobless rate was already high more than two years ago before the flooding of the country with armed strangers and religious fanatics by regional and foreign powers, of course.

It is no surprise that a Syrian man said in a new interview in a short movie recorded by Press TV in Syria that the “prices are unbelievably high” and that he barely can buy the basic food needs for him and his small family. Although the Syrian government in Damascus has raised the salaries, the increase of the salaries are still not enough to buy the essential goods. Thus, many Syrian families suffer due to the terrorism and the result of the growing living costs as well as the increase of criminality and enviousness between the normal Syrians.

The Syrian man further said that they are now using the “government markets” because there is still some stuff available to buy and it not as expensive as at other markets and at the black market. The current situation of the growing living costs and problems for the Syrian families is to blame on the foreign-backed terrorism and acts of sabotage and the selective destruction of the Syrian industry, but also on the hypocritical sanctions imposed by the Qatari Arab League and some regional nations and governments in the West that seem to have no problem with the situation to let the Syrians suffer only for the goal that they are able to reach their questionable (geo-) political aims and to fulfil the orders by their masters.

In some cases, the prices of the basic food for the Syrians have already doubled and tripled according to the report by Press TV from Syria. Before the beginning of the foreign-backed conflict and terrorism within Syria, 50 Syrian pounds were worth about one US dollar. Now, a dollar is worth about 250 Syrian pounds.

Aleppo Souk - Once beautiful..
Aleppo Souk – Once beautiful..

The foreign-supported groups of terrorists and religious fanatics have not only carried out many terrorist attacks, massacres, tortures, rapes and murders, but also sabotaged a huge amount of important factories in Syria and especially in the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab), the former important economy centre of the Arab nation.

According to experts, the rise in prices in Syria is also the result of the situation that goods in high demand are being sold at very unrealistic prices and this seems logical, sadly. Even if the people are not doing fine, there are still people who want to benefit from their bad living conditions and so on.. These “markets” in Syria have their own laws now.

The short video report by Press TV is located on their official website.

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