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Pro-Taliban Jihadists from Pakistan join Al Qaeda in Syria

Takfiri Militants in Syria

While hundreds of pro-Taliban terrorists and jihadists in Pakistan have now joined the foreign-supported terrorists and religious fanatics as well as the Al Qaeda-linked “Al Nusra Front” and other kinds of these “brigades” in Syria, the US administration in Washington still has the plan to supply arms and ammunition into the hands of the so-called “Syrian rebels”, and a logical short consideration will tell everybody that the term “rebels” cannot be used anymore for the terrorists within Syria.

The groups of terrorists and gunmen in Syria are a mixture of jihadists, Takfiri terrorists, gunmen, thugs and religious fanatics as well as poor and uneducated people who are fighting for money and goods, while others fight for their so-called “religion” against the “Infidels” / “Kafirs” of the Syrian government. The interesting point is here that they also kill Muslims every day when they terrorize, massacre, torture and finally kill Syrian civilians and soldiers.

But they do not care. They are very religious fanatics and prove that Syria had the best situation of the Arab countries as the only real secular Arab nation that was and is against the Muslim Brotherhood for good reasons.

The sad point here is that these jihadists and fanatics will not understand. They are unable to accept other opinions as well as other religions. They are unable to debate, to discuss, or to carry out something like democracy. The only thing they know is how to perform acts of violence against other humans.

And now, hundreds of pro-Taliban terrorists in Pakistan have joined these religious fanatics and terrorists who are fighting in Syria against the secular government in the capital, Damascus.

For example, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commanders in Pakistan said today that they have already established camps and sent hundreds of fighters to Syria in order to join the terrorist groups and Takfiri brigades there in their fight against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the government of Bashar al-Assad in the capital, Damascus.

Takfiri Militants in Syria
Takfiri Militants in Syria

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commanders in Pakistan said that they have set up their own camps in Syria now and that some of their fighters travel regularly between Syria and Pakistan. These pro-Taliban militants fight in Syria and then go back to Pakistan to rest a bit or to receive medical treatment.

Another Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) commander said, according to reports, that they are available when “their brothers” (Al Qaeda in Syria) need their help and that they decided to fight in Syria against the Syrian government in Damascus because of the requests of “Arab friends”.

Probably some totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf and other branches of Al Qaeda in the known countries.

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  1. Ben

    @Admin of this Site: I just want to let you Know that there is a New disgusting beheading Video from syria Done by the terrorists, maybe you can translate it and Upload it to liveleak?

    Here is the Video (you have to Watch it fully to See the beheading Part):

  2. Blowback Winds

    These stupid idiots are ‘walking dead’ in a plot by the Americans to ease pressure on themselves whilst they are departing partly from Afghanistan. They are pulled enmass into a place like Syria by being identified openly whilst travelling out And they are “Never To See Their Homeland Again”- Only in black bags or disabled so that they are no longer a threat to western hegemony. If Only they would have been heading to free Jerusalem, they could expect good in this world And good in the hereafter too/ ALLAH’S (SWT) PROMISE TO THOSE WHO STAND UP AGAINST AGGRESSORS OF MUSLIM LANDS IS NEVER TRUER IN THIS CASE. But, alas…


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