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syria islamist rebels for france terrorists in mali friends in syria

Silvia Cattori
France stance towards extremist rebels in Syria, MaliWhile France finds itself committed to intervene in Mali TO PROTECT THE STATE against the Islamist fighters related to Al-Qaeda (WOW), it considers the same guys, the jihadists who are shouting Allah Akbar and fighting the “infidel regime” in Syria as “rebels for freedom and democracy”! No problem, for France, if they are actually destroying the Syrian state, destroying the infrastructure of electricity power units, fuel pipelines, schools, ATM, police departments and all governmental institutions!
While France believes it’s a duty to send helicopters and air forces to bombard the Islamist militants in Mali, it accuses the Syrian army to be “committing a brutal aggression” when it’s defending the state on its land!
We Syrians don’t ask France to help us fighting those extremist gangs that are destroying our country, but we just tell the French politicians to stop dropping crocodile’s tears on Syrian people that is living now a crisis of electricity, gas and diesel thanks to those “rebels for freedom and democracy” who seem to believe that even electricity and schools belong to the “regime”! As well as thanking the EU that has organized many conferences of “the friends of Syrian people” and each time comes out with an AMAZING way of support to Syrian people: To stress the sanctions!
Whenever we run out of electricity, fuel, diesel, food and bread we remember our “friends of Syrian people” and feel, you can’t imagine how much, we feel grateful for those dear friends!
With such friends, we don’t need any more enemies!
One may say: “France is not supporting jihadists in Syria, it’s just supporting the “rebels” who are fighting for freedom and democracy” and this is why its president Francois Hollande has received Muaz Al-Khatib, the head of the so-called Syrian Opposition National coalition, that has been established in Doha with the presence of the American ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and the prince of Qatar, in his palace in Paris and recognized it as “The legitimate representative of Syrian people.” Well one can know the nature of the those rebels in Syria when you know that Muaz Al-Khatib, that is supposed to be a politician struggling for democracy, was very disappointed with the U.S decision to blacklist “Jabhat Al-Nusra” that is related to Al-Qaeda and is the key military force fighting the Syrian army in Syria. Muaz Al-Khatib, in his speech at the Friends of Syria meeting in Marrakesh – Morocco on 12-12-2012, said:
“The decision to blacklist one of the groups fighting the regime as a terrorist organization must be re-examined!”

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