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Syria: Breaking News Update January 27, 2013

Homs: Syrian Forces foils the armed men attempts to infiltrate from Lebanon to Syria and kills a number of them in Halat area of Tal Kalakh

January 27, 2013   3:13 PM

Egypt: American experts visits Egypt in an announced visit to combat the terrorism

January 27, 2013   1:30 PM

Egypt: the American Embassy suspends its works after the violent events that have happened in Cairo

January 27, 2013   11:19 AM

Edlib: Syrian Army kills 13 insurgents, including the leader of “Omair Fateh’s Grandchildren” Battalion during clashes near al-Yaqubia

January 27, 2013   10:57 AM

Edlib: Syrian Army confronts an armed attack on Hesh town of Ma’art al-Numan and kills the attackers

January 27, 2013   10:57 AM

The Kuwaiti Political Newspaper: 3 Kuwaitis and two Saudis have been killed in Syria  few days ago

January 27, 2013   9:34 AM

Al-Quds al-Arabi: Syrian-Jordanian security connection about al-Nusra Front activity on the borders

January 27, 2013   8:45 AM

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