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Extortion, Murder, Kidnappings, Grand Theft, Meet a Commander of the FSA

Image of Ahmad ‘Aafesh and his Partner in crime Ali Balou

There have now been countless documented ongoing crimes of the so-called “fsa”, with Commanders running “Mafia” style extortion rackets, with “Stand-over” tactics of Terror, in addition to the kidnappings with ransom demands, and the Grand Theft of Businesses, Warehouses and Factories.

Meet “Ahmad ‘Afesh” Commander of the so-called “Free Syria” Terrorist Brigade who has built a reputation through Terror, and become well known for his criminal activities while supposedly fighting for the “Fake Revolution”, “freedom and “democracy” the so-called “fsa” claim they are fighting for.

With a combined 700 Militant Army which he and another Commander gathered by recruiting relatives and friends as well as joining forces with known criminal Gangs, they then formed the Terrorist Brigade known as “Martyrs of ‘Andan”, attacking the “Andan” Security Barrier, they seized 4 Tanks and Military Weapons, as well as control over the “Hayan” neighbourhood.

With the stolen Military tanks and weapons, the large Terrorist Gang then proceeded to attack and take control of the “Kafr Hamra” and “Allermoun” neighbourhoods, where they then went on a rampage of stealing and looting from Warehouses and companies, transferring the stolen goods for storage in the Hayan and ‘Andan neighborhoods with ‘Andan becoming mainly a repository for Stolen Goods and Equipment. Ahmad ‘Afesh then began a new Terror Campaign by extorting large amounts of money through imposing his own levy on Factories and Warehouses, demanding 5 Million Syrian Liras from each Owner, or their premises would be bombed. Most Factory owners unable to pay were forced to surrender their Stock and Equipment to Ahmad ‘Afesh and his Armed Gunmen, which were transported and sold to Turkish buyers at below cost price.

The Kidnapping of civilians for Ransom has also been a major “fundraiser” for their supposed “Fake Revolution”.

When asked about the 5 Million Lira Levy, Ahmad ‘Afesh justified his Terrorist and criminal actions by saying that he had 500 men to feed and large pocket money expenses to pay.

On this principle, it is estimated that Ahmad ‘Afesh and his Armed Gangs have collected over 1 Billion Syrian Liras, through their Terror campaigns and criminal activities of Extortion, Kidnappings and Grand theft which is much more than sufficient for supposed “food” and “pocket money”.

A Genuine “Revolutionist” fighting for his Country’s so-called Freedom and Democracy, wouldn’t Kidnap, Murder, Steal from and Terrorise his fellow Country Men, nor would he set up Criminal Rackets to regularly extort money from his fellow Syrian, only a Criminal operating a Criminal Organisation would…JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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