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The Road to Damascus: Retired Brigadier Israeli Expert Details Attack on Saa’sou Military Center

Retired Brigadier and Israeli Frontline Expert , has spoken of details surrounding the attack and the importance of the “Saa’sou’ Security Centre , incorporating the security and control of the South Western districts.

Stressing the importance of the Military Site for Security of the Town of “Saa’sou'” which is located 20 km from the Israeli Border, and approximately 35 km from the Capital Damascus and the Centre of Military Security, it is also considered the gateway for Transportation, which opens the roads to Damascus from Lebanon, and the regions of (Sheb’aa Hariri) in rural Dar’aa,  “Angel Kanakr” (Israel) as well as the Border area with the City of Quneitra, and therefore is the corridor to the most important and desired Goal, which is destroying the System of Command and controlling the open Road to Damascus.

The Brigadier completely ruled out any ideas or acts of betrayal involved in the attack, due to the fact that the enemy was forced to detonate 3 car bombs to enter into the Garage Section of the Centre, they were then forced to use “Suicide Bombers” wearing explosive belts to achieve as much of an impact as possible, but the explosives the suicide bombers used was not enough to smash through the door of the Prison, and therefore were unable to enter and steal the Archived Military documents, that Media claimed had been taken by the Terrorists and falsely reported on, confirming they knew nothing of their Operation results.

The retired Officer added that , of course they are expecting to be further attempted attacks on the Centre, and re-planning of Security to accomodate any future attacks are underway.

The Retired Brigadier refused any suggestions or mention of the Syrian Arab Army losing, and was adamant and confident of winning the Battle. He further added, in this kind of War you lose the Military establishment of the number and its equipment, but it’s almost impossible to lose the Battle, especially for an idealogical Army Such as Syria’s, but decisiveness is required for a long period, and the need to build a system of Regional Intelligence, and secure International cooperation with Neighbouring Countries …JA
Map of Saa’Sou’ and The South Western Region:

Black – Saa’Sou’

Red   –  Dar’aa Rural   

Aqua – Lebanon

Blue  – Israel

Yellow – Damascus

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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