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Syria: Indian Newspaper: The US Fully Aware of al-Qaeda Presence in Syria and Overlooks Its Arming

The Hindu newspaper of India stressed the US full awareness of the presence of al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria since April, 2011 when a massacre was committed against Syrian soldiers by so-called ‘Jihadis’.

An article written by Prem Shankar Jha revealed that “the U.S. has been fully aware of the presence of al-Qaeda in the so-called Free Syrian Army since April 20, 2011 when Jihadis captured a truck (or Armoured Personnel Carrier) near Dera’a, and killed all the 18 or 20 soldiers it was carrying not by shooting them but by cutting their throats in the approved Islamic manner.”

Despite all the evidence on the undoubted presence of al-Qaeda members in the ranks of the armed groups in Syria, The Hindu said “the Obama administration has steadfastly chosen to believe that the jihadis make up only ‘a tiny fraction’ of the Free Syrian Army.”

The U.S. administration “has continued to provide FSA with logistical support, that is, satellite-based information about Syrian troop and VIP movements, and look the other way while Qatar and Saudi Arabia have provided it with guns and mounted pick-up trucks, mortars and RPGs,” the newspaper added.

Shankar Jha refuted the U.S. and Western claims on unawareness of the presence of al-Qaeda in Syria, saying that history tends to repeat itself as the United States and its European allies are about to provide “air and sea support” to the armed groups in Syria seeking a new war through “preparing another Gulf of Tonkin incident, the faked attack on a U.S. warship that triggered the Vietnam war.”

He mocked the US and the West’s “expressions of concern” for the Syrian people, saying they “ring hollow when they come from countries that did not hesitate to invade Iraq after fabricating the same pretext they are thinking of using now in Syria.”

The writer cited videos posted by the armed terrorist groups themselves showing that “the armed opposition in Syria has been sliding inexorably into the hands of radical Islamists.”

” Thousands of foreign fighters have poured into Syria from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and places as far apart as Pakistan and Chechnya,” Shankar Jha said in the article published on Wednesday.

The article referred to interviews broadcast by the Syrian television with numerous young men captured in Homs and elsewhere, “who gave graphic descriptions of how they had been recruited by al-Qaeda to fight for Islam” in Syria.

It also made reference to YouTube videos posted by the armed groups showing their members executing captured Syrian soldiers and civilians “in the approved manner”.

Shankar Jha stressed that this “make-believe game” of the West and particularly the US was brought to an end when a Libyan ship docked in a Turkish port in September 2012 with 400 tons of weapons for the armed groups in Syria. This shipment contained SA-7 portable anti-aircraft missiles and Rocket Propelled Grenades.

When interviewed, the article said, the captain of the ship admitted that he belonged to an organization that reported directly to the Libyan government.

“As if that was not disturbing enough,” the article added, citing also a report by the New York Times on October 10, which affirmed that most of the weapons that had been supplied by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had gone to hard line Islamist groups in Syria.

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