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Syria: Hatla Massacre Criminals Terminated

Terrorist Saud Fayez Al-Houeli Al-Ajami sent to hell by SAA

On June 12, 2013 a group of Kuwaiti Wahhabi terrorists attacked barbarically Hatla, a small town in Der Ezzor countryside, north of Syria and committed one of the most heinous crimes against the town’s residents, most of which were women and children including a top Shiite cleric with his family.

A leading Wahhabi cleric in Kuwait took a group of his fanatics and protested in front of the Lebanese embassy bragging about the crime and confessing to the slaughtering of the civilians especially the cleric and his young son.

Shafi Ajami, the Wahhabi cleric received the details of the massacre, he claimed responsibility to, order from his cousin Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami who was leading the attacking herds of terrorists. The cleric promised to slaughter all Shiites in response to the liberation of Al-Qussayr city in Syria by the SAA from the NATO backed Al-Qaeda FSA cannibal terrorists one week earlier.

Yesterday, July 24, 2013, social media sites promoting Al-Qaeda & Wahhabism mourned the killing of Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami along with 30 of his mostly Kuwaiti followers from the FSA, the Free From Syrians Army, near Idleb, north west of Syria by SAA, the Syrian Arab Army.

Terrorist Saud Fayez Al-Houeli Al-Ajami sent to hell by SAA - Hatla
Terrorist Saud Fayez Al-Houeli Al-Ajami sent to hell by SAA – picture distributed by FSA propaganda sites

The killed terrorist was the head of Qumam Health Institute in Kuwait, the Wahhabi sites mourning him were proud of his financing of the terrorists in Syria, recruiting radical terrorists from all countries to operate in Syria under the FSA umbrella and its Nusra Front branch.

We were not able to analyze the video clips and compare the figures yet, we might not do that as well since his people confessed his killing and due to the ugliness of such human like figures it would be a waste spending any further time on these mercenary filth working for NATO to kill Syrians and loot and destroy their country.

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  1. James Padgett

    Praise God that this vermin and his followers were exterminated. May God Almighty cause every foreign invader/destroyer to also be exterminated quickly – to restore peace to Syria. May God stop all arms from the West from arriving in Syria – or cause all of them to be confiscated or destroyed immediately by the SAA.


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