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Syria: German Foreign Minister asks Russia for Help


The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, known for some strange comments and propaganda statements in recent months, has made a new statement about the situation in Syria at the meeting of the NATO Foreign Ministers in the beautiful city of Brussels on Tuesday.

The meeting of all the NATO Foreign Ministers is important for many topics but especially for the current situation about e.g. the support of the terrorists and jihadists in Syria with weapons. Not all Foreign Ministers of the European countries are happy with the stance to support the radicals, gunmen and religious fanatics who are fighting in Syria against the secular government and the Syrian army with arms and ammunition.

The German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has recently stated some doubts of the administration in Germany about the possible arms deliveries to the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria and the doubts are justified because nobody can ensure that only “democratic rebels” receive such European / Western weapons. Not to mention that the last two years have already underlined that many weapons have reached the hands of jihadists, Islamists and al-Qaeda thugs already – partly willfully, for sure.

Guido Westerwelle asked Moscow on the sidelines of the meeting of all the NATO Foreign Ministers in Brussels to help to ensure that a political settlement of the conflict in Syria will be possible. This statement is another funny remark by the German Foreign Minister due to the fact that Russia tries to reach a political settlement since many months, while many European Foreign Ministers, including the German Foreign Minister, have acted counterproductive in the terms of a political settlement since the beginning of the conflict and staged revolution in Syria. Some of these Foreign Ministers, among them are the French, British and German Foreign Minister, have even willfully sabotaged any hopes for a political settlement of this conflict, in which are more than just two sides involved.

In the opinion of the German Foreign Minister, the decision (a political settlement) is the only decision and solution which is acceptable and as he has further stated, if there is an intention to attain such a political solution for the conflict in Syria, then it is needed to make proposals over the negotiations. As said, Russia tried and tried for a long time, while the German government and also the Foreign Minister have acted subordinated to American wishes and thus, counterproductive for a political settlement and even for negotiations about it.

But at least, even Guido Westerwelle has acknowledged and noticed that Moscow plays a major role in this issue about Syria and the statement by the German Foreign Minister that ways should be found how to start such negotiations in Syria confirm that something has probably changed about the topic Syria – at least, in parts of the German administrations.

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