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FSA Jihadist Training Camps Exist in Lebanon, Lebanese Interior Minister Reveals

Lebanese Interior Minister, Marwan Charbel, recently admitted in an interview with Lebanese al-Safir newspaper that training camps for the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other Jihadist militants exist inside Lebanon, in remote areas. This report discusses this issue, which coincides with other developments showing the deep involvement of Lebanon’s Future Movement in supplying terrorists inside Syria with funding, weapons, and intelligence equipment []. The Future Movement is led by Saudi-Lebanese Saad Hariri (Lebanon’s ex-PM), who’s been actively working with Saudi Intelligence on importing these fundamentalist elements into the Levant (Lebanon & Syria) in order to boost the influence of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism in the region.

Lebanon’s internal stability is in jeopardy and could explode at any time with these Takfiri groups (religious extremists who consider others as infidels worthy of killing) being welcomed by the Future Movement, and this could potentially drag Lebanon into a major conflict, given that most Lebanese from diverse ethnic & religious backgrounds do not welcome those Wahhabis/Salafis.Other reports have talked about Tripoli in north Lebanon becoming a new hub for al-Qaeda’s ‘Jabhat al-Nusra’ (Nusra Front) []

  1. FSA & Jihadist Training Camps Exist in Lebanon: Lebanese Interior Minister Reveals

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