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Syria: Breaking News Update January 6, 2013


Damascus countryside: insurgents, including Muhaimen Keserwani and Hassan Khalifa, have been killed in Aqraba and Yelda

January 6, 2013   8:51 PM

Damascus Countryside: the leader Muhammad Shaghouri was killed, accompanied with 5 other militants, in Kafarbatna and Saqba

January 6, 2013   8:50 PM

Sunday Times: 5 Russian warships arrive in Tartous port

January 6, 2013   7:12 PM

A military source in Edlib to Breaking News: the airport of Taftanaz is working properly and the news about attacks are false

January 6, 2013   3:16 PM

Edlib: the guards of Taftanaz airport strike positions for militants who attempted to target the airport

January 6, 2013   3:12 PM

A military source to Breaking News: the news about blockading Taftanaz airport are false

January 6, 2013   3:10 PM

President al-Assad ends his speech in the Opera Place of Damascus and dozens of the attendees attemp to shake hands with him

January 6, 2013   1:01 PM

President al-Assad: Allah is always with the right

January 6, 2013   12:55 PM

President al-Assad: I solute every Palestinian who stood in the Syrian crisis and did not use Syria as its hotel

January 6, 2013   12:54 PM

President al-Assad: we will support the resistance, which does not represent persons who took advantages

January 6, 2013   12:53 PM

President al-Assad: the ranks are vain but the nation remains

January 6, 2013   12:51 PM

President al-Assad: I solute all the soldiers and officers in the Syrian Arab Army

January 6, 2013   12:48 PM

President al-Assad: the martyrs’ blood is what protected the nation and the region

January 6, 2013   12:47 PM

President al-Assad greet the guys of Ras al-Ain village who deter terrorists from Turkey

January 6, 2013   12:46 PM

President al-Assad: everyone has visited us, knows that Syria accept the advises not dictations

January 6, 2013   12:42 PM

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President al-Assad: we have supported the initiative of Geneva, but there were a vague statement which was the transition phase

January 6, 2013   12:41 PM

President al-Assad: any initiative would be discussed, should be helpful for the Syrian vision

January 6, 2013   12:38 PM

Hundreds of attendees of President Assad’s speech are chanting God, Bashar and our commando army

January 6, 2013   12:37 PM

President al-Assad: the initiative step does not mean that we will seize of combating the terrorism

January 6, 2013   12:36 PM

President al-Assad: the third level includes the formation of new government according to the constitution

January 6, 2013   12:35 PM

President al-Assad: the second level of the solution includes the National Charter for vote

January 6, 2013   12:34 PM

President al-Assad: after ceasing the international supportness of the insurgents in Syria, the military operation will stop

January 6, 2013   12:32 PM

President al-Assad: the political solution should be by the commitment of the concerned countries to stop supporting the insurgents

January 6, 2013   12:30 PM

President al-Assad: we will dialogue with everyone have dissent us in the policy and each one has dropped his gun

January 6, 2013   12:29 PM

President al-Assad: it is the west that has refused the talks because it used to give orders to the terrorists

January 6, 2013   12:26 PM

President al-Assad: if we have choosed the political solution that does not mean that we will not defend our self

January 6, 2013   12:24 PM

President al-Assad: we are in a state of war in a very sense of the word

January 6, 2013   12:21 PM

President al-Assad: the relation between the opponents and the supporter should be in the inside

January 6, 2013   12:19 PM

Our Reporter in Homs : an armed attack on Tsnin village results in the martyrdom of 6 civilians

January 6, 2013   10:43 AM

Our reporter in Edlib: armed men commit massacre by killing two women and 4 kids in Knenas town

January 6, 2013   10:01 AM

al-Watan: the prince of al-Nusra Front in the eastern area was killed in the result of a Syrian Army operation near Palmyra

January 6, 2013   9:10 AM

al-Hayat of National sources: Consultations to send an international peacekeeping monitors to Syria

January 6, 2013   8:42 AM

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