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Employee Martyred in Terrorist Shell Attack on Electricity Department in Jaramana

Employee Martyred in Terrorist Shell Attack on Electricity Department in Jaramana
Jan 11, 2013

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (SANA)- Terrorists targeted on Friday with mortar shells an electricity emergency office and transmission station in Jaramana in Damascus Countryside, killing an employee and injuring two others during performing their duty at the office.
The attack also caused material damage to the wall of the transmission station.
Minister of Electricity, eng. Imad khamis, told SANA that this terrorist act led to the martyrdom of the Director of Electricity Emergency Office in Jaramana, Jamal Halabi, and the injury of two employees, one is in a critical condition.
The Minister added that the terrorists targeted the power transmission station in Jarmana with a mortar shell causing minor material damage to the external fence of the station without any damage in the electrical power grid or the station.
Eng. Khamis expressed his denunciation of this terrorist act, describing it as “coward” as it targets the infrastructure and establishments which offer services to the citizens.
The Minister affirmed that the workers and maintenance and repair workshops of the Electricity Ministry will go on with their duties in serving the citizens no matter how far the terrorists go with their criminality.
An armed terrorist group targeted last month members of a repair workshop for high voltage lines at Bait Sahm which supply the southern parts of Damascus city with power. Worker Khalid Kallouh was martyred and others were injured in the attack.

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