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Syria: Crackdown on Terrorists Continues

Crackdown on Terrorists Continues
Jan 11, 2013

Provinces, (SANA)_Units of the armed forces pursued armed terrorist groups in Damascus countryside and inflicted heavy losses upon them.
An official source told SANA that a terrorists’ den was destroyed in al-Mleiha town with the weapons inside that included sniper rifles, automatic rifles and mortar cannons. Several terrorists were also killed, among them Wael Wadha, Osama Abdul-Latif, Rifaat Kabari, Mohammad Khayyata, Badr Jammoul, Bassam Noula and Sultan Jourieh.
Another unit killed and injured terrorists in Harasta city and destroyed a car equipped with a heavy machinegun, the source added.
In Darayya, units of the armed forces pursued and eliminated terrorists near shreida Square. The terrorists Yassin Abu Omar, nicknamed Abu Walid, Mohammad Khalifa, Abdo Suleiman, Walid Borma and Maaz al-Khatib were identified among the dead.
The source said that another unit killed terrorists in al-Dhiyabieh town, among them Ayman Jaradat, Mohammad Oweis, Morhaf al-Lahham and Rami Majdalawi.
In al-Hussinieh, four cars loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed, and a terrorist group was eliminated on al-Sheikh Omar road in the town.
The competent authorities also dismantled a booby-trapped car that terrorists parked in al-Nabek after the locals guided the engineering units to its place.
Snipers Killed in Idleb Countryside
A unit of the armed forces killed several terrorists in Maaret al-Nu’man in Idleb countryside. A military source told SANA that another unit destroyed two cars equipped with machineguns in the vicinity of Wadi al-Dayf site, killing a number of the group’s members, among them several snipers.
Terrorists Killed in Hama
Unites of the armed forces on Friday carried out a qualitative operation in Taibyt al-Imam town in Hama, killing a number of terrorists and destroying some of their dens.
A military source told SANA that the operation resulted in injuring a number of terrorists and confiscating a huge amount of weapons and ammunition, including a car equipped with a heavy machinegun.
The source added that another army unit destroyed a number of tunnels which the terrorists used to move between Taibyt al-Imam and Gour Abo Zaid to carry out their brutal assaults against the citizens. All the terrorists inside the tunnels were killed.
Army Units Kill Terrorists in Hama Countryside
A unit of the armed forces confiscated three cars equipped with machineguns in Taibet al-Imam town in Hama countryside, along with weapons and munitions, Turkish up-to-date communication devices that the terrorists were using for communicating with biased media.
An official source told SANA that the seized weapons included RPG launchers, 2 home-made missiles, anti-tank missiles, 13 automatic rifles and 6 Turkish communication devices.
The source added that weapons were sised in a military operation against a terrorists’ den in the town that led to destroying 3 cars equipped with heavy machineguns. All the terrorists were either killed or injured.

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