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Syria: Breaking News Update January 10, 2013


A military source: 35 militants got killed a few ago in clashes around Taftanaz military airport

January 10, 2013   11:29 PM

A military source: the news about taking control over Taftanaz military airport by militants are false

January 10, 2013   11:28 PM

Damascus Countryside: the leader Shaheer Barakat gets killed in clashes between the gunmen ranks in Yabroud

January 10, 2013   9:42 PM

Aleppo Countryside: the Syrian Army carries out operations in Khan Touman and Ein Daqla

January 10, 2013   9:28 PM

Damascus Countryside: the leader Khalil al-Hodaji has been killed with 50 other militants in Hijjira

January 10, 2013   9:13 PM

Damascus Countryside: 3 mortar shells were fired on al-Janayen area in Jaramana, causing material damages only

January 10, 2013   9:02 PM

Homs: the leader in al-Nusra front Abdullah Abed al-Wahed gets killed with other militants in Kafarlaha

January 10, 2013   8:33 PM

Moscow: all the Russian airships are preparing for a large maneuver in the Mediterranean

January 10, 2013   8:15 PM

BBC: Britain arrests 4 persons in London under the charge of supporting a terrorist act in Syria

January 10, 2013   5:42 PM

Damascus Countryside: The Syrian Army targets positions for gunmen in Hijjira, al-Ziabia and Duma

January 10, 2013   5:38 PM

Homs: insurgents have been killed in clashes with the Syrian Army in al-Qusair, al-Khalidia and Taldo

January 10, 2013   5:37 PM

Edlib: the Syrian Army targets gatherings for armed men near Taftanaz military airport

January 10, 2013   5:36 PM

Aleppo: the Syrian Army targets militants near Menngh military airport and the police school

January 10, 2013   5:35 PM

The foreign ministry: Brahimi went too far from his mission and showed his bias publicly

January 10, 2013   4:30 PM

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