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Syria: Idlib Supports the Syrian Army Advances in Homs, and a Blast of a Terrorist’s House

More than 8 thousand of Edlib country men have gathered in Brahim Honano square protesting against the terroristical actions and supporting the military operations of the Syrian Army raising a mottos “God greets the Syrian Army…God, Bashar and our commando army”, according to Breaking News.

A blast in Rekn al-Deen
A blast take place in a house that was used by its proper to fabricate explosive charges in Rekn al-Deen area
Breaking Newspaper Network reporter assures that the house has blast during the terrorist’s preparing to an explosive charge what resulted in his death immediately and no civilian victims were recorded

Syrian Army advances in the middle of Homs
Syrian Arab Army confronts an armed attack carried out by Free Army militia on Maheen town of the west countryside of Homs claiming the death of 27 armed men at least after armed conflicts take place near the entrance of the town

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