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Syria: Breaking News Update January 14, 2013


The dean Ahmad al-Ali with 3 of his members have been assassinated by the armed men on the road of Deir Ezzor and Palmyra

January 14, 2013   1:43 PM

Hasaka: the director of the cows station in Hasaka was released after few hours of his kidnapping

January 14, 2013   12:51 PM

Thousands of Edlib men country are in the square of Brahim Hanano in protest demonstration against the terrorism and to support the Syrian Army

January 14, 2013   11:41 AM

Damascus: the blast led to the death of a terrorist, who was inside the house, and no civilian victims were recorded

January 14, 2013   11:15 AM

Damascus: a blast occurs in a house that was used to make explosive charges in Rekn al-Deen this morning

January 14, 2013   11:15 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: Syrian Army advances in the Street of Abo al-Ouf markets

January 14, 2013   10:29 AM

Homs countryside: Syrian Army foils an armed attack on Muheen town and killed all the armed attackers

January 14, 2013   10:28 AM

Al-Safer: Syrian defensive fortifications are made of 30 meter depth in villages on the border of Jordan

January 14, 2013   8:53 AM

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