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Syria: US Congress stops Obama`s attempt to arm Al Qaeda

Although the Obama administration in Washington has already authorized the so-called “military aid” to the terrorists and Al Qaeda groups (linked to the CIA) in Syria fighting the secular government in Damascus, it finally seems like the US Congress has really blocked and jammed this attempt to support the jihadists and terrorists in Syria with more US weapons and equipment.

The US Congress is said to have blocked the attempt by the Obama administration to give “military aid” to the terrorists and Al Qaeda-linked groups and “brigades” in Syria over terrorism fears and one is just able to agree to the act of this US Congress. Not only because more weapons for jihadists and Takfiri terrorists are a bad idea and also bad for a hopefully end of the conflict in Syria (more weapons, more violence – isn’t it easy like that?), but also due to the fears of terrorism within the United States by these religious fanatics. The idea and attempts to arm the jihadists in Syria were always a bad idea and just confirmed the hypocrisy of Washington under Barack Obama.

Not to mention that the Al Qaeda-linked terrorists and militants in Syria have already received enough weapons by proxy states of the Obama administration and also by the both totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In addition, somebody will sure remember the “news” about Croatia and other states and their acts in the region. Of course, there is also the proxy king in Jordan and the militants in Northern Lebanon, the so-called Hariri thugs, which are nothing else than puppets of foreign orders and a disaster for Lebanon since years.

The members of both the House and Senate intelligence committees have moved to enact stringent restrictions on the US funding of the terrorists in Syria. This move is sufficient to prevent Washington to deliver weapons shipments to the Al Qaeda thugs and militants in the Arab nation, at least, according to sources who spoke with The Hill.

Last month, the White House in Washington raised the allegations that the Syrian government in Damascus has ordered the use of chemical weapons against the jihadists and terrorists in the country. But to be honest, on the one hand, the use of these chemical weapons is no benefit in the kind of battles that are happening in Syria and on the other hand, it finally seems that the terrorists in Syria have used sarin nerve gas and not the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

In addition, the troops of the Syrian army consist of every part of the Syrian society and they would never use chemical weapons in situations where the Syrian people could be harmed or killed by this use. And there are even more reasons why the Syrian government and military would not start to use their stockpiles of chemical weapons in this war against the foreign-backed terrorists and jihadists.

But after the allegations by the Obama administration in Washington, the administration authorized weapons shipments to the region in order to support the “strangers fighting in Syria” – which is probably a correct phrase due to the fact that the most have no clue what kind of people are really fighting in Syria against the secular government in Damascus and the President Bashar al-Assad. One is just able to repeat it again and again, there are no more rebels in Syria, and these fighters in Syria are sectarian fanatics, Al Qaeda-linked groups and other kind of jihadists, mercenaries and uneducated, violent thugs.

Best friend of the Western governments - a jihadist terrorist.
A Nusra Front terrorists with ‘non-lethal’ machine guns provided by the West, they’re expecting ‘lethal’ weapons now to be paid for by western taxpayers

The stance and act of the US Congress imposed new restrictions on the arms shipments to the terrorists in Syria and thus, it is said that this step by the US Congress has stopped the Obama administration and also the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in their tracks to arm the jihadists and strangers in the Arab nation.

According to The Hill and others, the US Congress has blocked the arms shipments and so-called “military aid” to the terrorists in Syria out of fears that these arms would fall into the hands of “terrorists”. As if they don’t know that these weapons shipments would only fall into the hands of jihadists and religious fanatics like the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, which is directly linked to Al Qaeda, just like the CIA.

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