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Syria: Over 2 Million People in Aleppo Should Be Starved


Our Western media don`t report on the siege of the Western part of the Syrian city of Aleppo by the FSA (“Free Syrian Army”) and the thugs of the Jabhat al Nusra Front.

They do not report about it because the children in the Western city of Aleppo (Halab) have government-friendly and peace-loving parents.

It is not conform to the guideline of propaganda of a “regime change” in Syria, ie more than 2 million hungry people in Aleppo are not mentioned by the Western media, and even though Reuters does report of it, the Western propaganda spins do not pick up the real news about Aleppo.

Even in the districts of Aleppo that are dominated by the terrorists, for example Bustan al Qaser, the inhabitants are sick of the bandits of the FSA (“Free Syrian Army”) and the Al Qaeda terrorists, which are mainly lead by the Western-backed upper traitors of the Syrian population, Colonel Akidi and the upper terrorist Abdel Kader Abu Saleh, who are often working hand in hand with the al Nusra Front and the Turkmen and Czech murderous gangs in and around Aleppo.

The people of Bustan Al Qaser have protested for a lifting of the siege of the Western part of the city of Aleppo and were forcibly silenced.

A decree by the armed gangs puts the delivery of goods and the support of the inhabitants in the Western part of Aleppo under a death penalty.

A video excerpt how the “freedom” in Aleppo really looks like.

The “Syrian rebels”, much acclaimed by the evening news, threaten protesters who stand up for their fellow human beings:


The freedom that was described by Martin Durm quite different.

Aleppo – Bustan Qaser 07/09/2013

More of an agency that reports in its headline about shots into the air, which I strongly doubt. I rather think that what is described by the group called “Aleppo martyr” comes pretty close to the truth. A protester was allegedly shot dead and several were injured.

By “friends of syria”:

“Obama Backed Al Qaeda Terrorists in Aleppo Starve the Syrians of Food”

“FSA Place Food Embargo on West Aleppo – Interview with an Aleppen”:

via SyrianGirlpartisan

“Famine feared as FSA and Alqaeda block food from being transferred to government held parts of Aleppo . Western Aleppo Suffers as Food Embargo Enters 4th Day The food embargo that was imposed on western Aleppo on Thursday night has entered its 4th day today amid calls to re-open a border crossing that connects the eastern and western parts of the war-torn city, according to opposition sources.”

Nobel Peace Laureate Tells Her Account of What She Witnessed

Source: urs1798

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  1. ekajanabi

    UN Human Rights High Commissioner doesn’t care about these civilians? She only cares when the FSA terrorists are about to lose, then proclaims a “humanitarian disaster”


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