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congress arming jihadists syria

al Qaeda - Sponsord by the CIA

A meeting of a so-called Ad Hoc group of the U.S. Congress has been carried out this week on June 27. This meeting has been a special and closed session on Syria.

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency – linked to al-Qaeda) Director John Brennan and also the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns have participated in this closed session of the Congress on the topic Syria.

In advance, this meeting of the US Congress was originally scheduled for only members of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate in order to focus on the so-called authorized interrogation techniques but suddenly, the agenda of this meeting, the topic as well as the list of participants were altered at the last minute and then also included members of the Foreign Affairs Committees of both chambers and the CIA Director John Brennan as well as the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and, as already stated, also the Deputy Secretary of State William Burns have finally taken part in this closed session on Syria.

Of course, the real details of this meeting and the conducted debates between these high ranks of the United States of America are not known, it has already transpired that the members of the U.S. congress were against the plan of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its Director John Brennan to arm the jihadists and gunmen in Syria.

As it is also known since almost two years now, the US administration and the majority of the American media agencies still try to maintain the word “rebels” for the jihadists and al-Qaeda thugs fighting in Syria against the only secular state in the Arab world and against its, in the majority, tolerant civilian people.

al Qaeda - Sponsord by the CIA
al Qaeda – Sponsord by the CIA

The congressmen who have taken part in this closed session on Syria in the United States have finally voted down the CIA plan to give the religious fanatics and al-Qaeda gunmen more weapons in Syria. They deemed that there were no grounds and no base to consider the possible victory of these (foreign-backed) militants as a real solution to the “current problem”.

This sudden decision of the congressmen in the United States has the result, that there is no real policy by Washington anymore. They cannot further arm the jihadists in Syria, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not able to give further weapons to their friends of al-Qaeda (see link above) and Barack Obama stands in the rain like a fool in july.

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