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syria breaking news update november 28 2012

The Russian foreign ministry condemns the explosions of Jaramana and sees al-Qaeda in them
November 28, 2012   6:50 PM
Damascus Countryside: militants have been killed in clashes with Syrian Army in Daria, Aqraba and al-Muleiha
November 28, 2012   4:53 PM
Egypt: the foundational association appoints the draft of the constitution today and the voting will be initiated tomorrow
November 28, 2012   4:25 PM
Damascus Countryside: 8 militants got killed while booby-trapping a car in Hijjira
November 28, 2012   4:23 PM
Daraa: a car bomb blasts in the western neighborhood of Busra al-Sham, causing martyrs and wounds
November 28, 2012   4:10 PM
Daraa: insurgents open fire randomly on a street in Busra city, causing martyrs of two children and one person
November 27, 2012   9:11 AM

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