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Thirty Four Killed in a Double Bomb Blast in Jaramana, near Damascus

Posted on November 28, 2012 by nsnbc

Thirty-Four  Killed in Double Bomb Blast in Jaramana near Damascus.

Victims´ Families denounce State-Sponsored Terrorism.

Mideast Syria car bombs(SANA & nsnbc) Wednesday 28 November two car bombs loaded with large amounts of explosives detonated in the Main Square of Jaramana City in the countryside near Damascus. The Al-Qaeda style twin attack killed thirty-four, injured eighty-three, caused heavy structural damage to six residential buildings and destroyed dozens of cars in the neighborhood.
According to official Syrian sources ten ambulances were dispatched to the scene. Staff at al-Muwasat Hospital informed the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA that it received thirty-three fatal casualties and that twenty of the injured, including women and children still receive medial care at the Hospital. A journalist, working for SANA, informed that tens of wounded received first aid while more seriously injured were being transported to al-Muwasat and hospitals in Damascus. The twin blasts were coordinated with two further blasts. Two explosive devices exploded in the al-Nahda and the al-Qeriyyat districts of Jaramana causing minor damage when compared to the main blasts.

Mohammad Yehya Moalla, Syria´s Minister of Higher Education, visited the injured at al-Muwasat Hospital. Moalla stressed that the timing of the bombings was coordinated with the intention to cause harm to the maximum possible amount of people, describing the attacks as “heinous and inhuman”. The Minister emphasized that all educational hospitals, and in particular al-Muwasat hospital is well prepared to receive and treat injured citizens and that the staff is shouldering their responsibilities to ensure the best possible healthcare services.

Hussein Makhlouf, the Governor of Damascus Countryside described the terrorist bombings in Jaramana as “the most horrible crimes against citizens while they were heading to their workplaces, schools and universities”. Makhlouf added that those who stood behind the attacks had abused the Syrian people’s readiness to help one another, specifically targeting those who rushed to the scene to help the injured. The Governor emphasized that the terrorist groups have hatred against residents who rejected extremism and involvement in the conspiracy against their country.

Solemn Funeral Procession Denounces and Defies Threat of State-Sponsored Terrorism.A large number of the victims of the blasts were laid to rest after a solemn procession through Jaramana. The procession was a silent, sobering and dignified protest against the foreign backed, state-sponsored terrorism that has been unleashed against the people of Syria. Thousands of locals participated in the funeral procession and the funeral, defying the threat of terrorism and violence while accompanying those whom they consider Martyrs to their final earthly resting place. Speeches after the funeral rites honored the victims sacrifice, denounced the terrorists for the targeting of women and children and residential areas, and emphasized the Syrian peoples´ determination to combat and eliminate terrorism.

The families of the deceased held the governments of France, the USA, and their agents accountable for providing arms and money for the terrorists who are responsible for the murder of their loved ones. Spokespersons for the families reiterated that the repeated attacks against the people in Jaramana City will not prevent them from standing in solidarity with their state and the Syrian Army in the face of extremism and terrorism which the enemies try to justify under a pretended call for freedom and democracy.

Christof Lehmann 28.11.2012 SANA & nsnbc

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