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syria breaking news update november 26 2012

Our correspondent in Edlib: militants, including the leader Mustafa al-Qaddour, have been killed in al-Mastoumeh

November 26, 2012   12:55 PM

Our correspondent: the Saudi Meteeb al-Enzawi and the Syrian Jaber al-Bleiji have been killed in Saraqeb

November 26, 2012   12:01 PM

Our reporter in Edlib: militants from Sukour al-Sham group got killed in Sina

November 26, 2012   11:38 AM

Ehud Barak: I will remain my job until forming a new government

November 26, 2012   11:16 AM

Ehud Barak resigns from the Israeli government and announces retiring politics

November 26, 2012   11:15 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: clashes take place in Qittina, causing two martyrs of the Syrian Army and 9 deaths of insurgents

November 26, 2012   11:04 AM

Qunaitera: the leader of Ahfad al-Rasoul brigade, who is called as al-Jenani, has been killed in Jebata al-Khashab

November 26, 2012   10:15 AM



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