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Syria: Breaking News Update December 3, 2012


Edlib governor: the water will return after fixing a damage that was committed by insurgents in Sijar Station

December 3, 2012   12:14 PM

Edlib governor to Breaking News: the water will return to the city in several hours

December 3, 2012   12:14 PM

Our correspondent in Edlib: more than 20 insurgents have been killed in Mahambal and the Syrian Army is still moving forward

December 3, 2012   11:16 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: The Syrian Army moves forward to al-Qusair Center and al-Huson

December 3, 2012   9:49 AM

Our correspondent in Homs: 5 Syrian soldiers have martyred and dozens of gunmen have been killed in Akreb and al-Sultania

December 3, 2012   9:41 AM

The member in Lebanese Future Party, Ikab Saker, admits smuggling arms and gunmen to Syria

December 3, 2012   8:33 AM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: news say another booby-trapped car is being dismantled by the engineering units of Syrian Army

December 3, 2012   1:59 AM

Our correspondent: the booby-trapped vehicle was bombed by a suicide bomber

December 3, 2012   1:57 AM

Our correspondent in Aleppo: the car bomb detonation caused 6 wounds

December 3, 2012   1:56 AM

Deir Ezzor: gatherings for insurgents were targeted in Ayash and near al-Furat river

December 3, 2012   1:25 AM

Aleppo: a car bomb blasts in the street of the Engineering college, what resulted in injuries and other material damages

December 3, 2012   1:22 AM

Deir Ezzor: militants have been killed in clashes near al-Fardos mosque and Faisal School of al-Jbeileh

December 3, 2012   1:21 AM

Deir Ezzor: insurgents, including Hussein Jamal al-Alo, have been killed in al-Bo Omar village

December 3, 2012   1:18 AM

Damascus Countryside: a mortar shell was fired near Stop 5 Supermarket of Jaramana, causing no injuries

December 3, 2012   12:46 AM

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