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Syria: Bomb attack at the Damascus Tower near the Ministry of Interior

Bomb explosion near Damascus Tower

Another bomb explosion has shocked the Syrian citizens in the capital Damascus today morning. The bomb attack took place at the Damascus Tower which is near to the entrance of the Syrian Ministry of Interior.

This next bomb attack, carried out by the foreign-backed militants of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or/and by the religious fanatic al-Qaeda thugs who are also partly supported by foreign powers (e.g. Qatar / Saudi Arabia) resulted in many victims and heavy material damages to the old buildings in this area of the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to the information about the casualties of this next bomb explosion near the Syrian Ministry of Interior, at least 10 people died due to this attack by the foreign-backed armed fighters. This bomb explosion was a targeted act of terrorism and shows again that these so-called “Syrian rebels” violate any international law and do not care about how many they might kill by their terrorism and violence, which is carried out by these armed thugs and uneducated religious fools in many parts of the former secure and safe country daily.

The terrorism and bomb attacks by the foreign-backed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), including the al-Qaeda gangs and other violent and uneducated human resources from many Arab nations and even from Europe, are clearly aimed against the Syrian society and always target Syrian civilians, too.

While the important historic goods of Syria are damaged and destroyed by the terrorism of these foreign-backed armed terrorists and jihadists, the secular state of Syria and the secular inhabitants is under fire since the beginning of this proxy-war on Syrian soil. The so-called “Syrian revolution” is nothing more (or less) than a proxy-war of foreign nations, powers, organizations and so-called “religious” groups/sects.

A video from a nearby CCTV:

The Wahhabis and Salafis, both a shame for the religion of Islam and both cover their political and worldly interests under the wide coat of religion, are a threat and the both Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, need to be be publicly criticized and pushed back – Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the two totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf are both very well-known supporters of the worldwide terrorism networks, also under the shady cover of their so-called religion or by misusing the religion for their worldly interests.

Due to the Gulf dollars, both regimes are still convinced that they can buy everything and also everybody on this planet. But the day will come when the blood behind these dollars will come back to the soil of both small regimes – like a boomerang. The hypocritical policy of some Western governments due to the Gulf dollars and national interests, even imperialism, has to become a public topic and war criminals like e.g. Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush must be punished for real. The citizens of this world have to notice that some of these so-called conspiracy theories are no theories but the reality behind the curtains of lies and smog, which is spread by mainstream media, so-called journalists and the usual criminals in many states – politicians.

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