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Syria: Western Mainstream Propaganda Outlets Falling One After the Other


On Monday 29 April 2013 at 20:30 British Summer Time, The Guardian posts an article titled “The Syrian Electronic Army: Bashar al-Assad’s shadow warriors” (link) about the Syrian Electronic Army claiming that “According to defectors from inside its ranks, the group moved last year from Damascus to a secret base in Dubai“.

The article was written by Luke Harding and Charles Arthur and posted merely an hour after another article was posted on the same day at 19:18. This was titled “Pro-Assad Syrian hackers launching cyber-attacks on western media”, again Luke Harding and another co-author Nick Hopkins saying their site ‘has come under a cyber-attack from Syrian hackers who have targeted a series of western media organisations in an apparent effort to cause disruption and spread support for President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.’

Until now there’s no problem with The Guardian reporting, it’s been lying enough for so long and there won’t be any need to test its credibility, but The Guardian here helps its reader discover how it down-looks at them, or proves it that its editors really suffers from Schizophrenia. Big time.

In one of the articles above, the one posted at 19:18 BST, the authors explicitly says:

‘The attack was quickly identified and is in the process of being dealt with. The Guardian has since discovered the attack originated from Internet Protocol (IP) addresses within Syria.’

However, in its other article one hour later at 20:30 BST, one of the same authors of the previous article in addition to a new fellow comes up with a story as information they adopt:

‘The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) sprang up in 2011 at the beginning of the anti-Assad revolution. According to defectors from inside its ranks, the group moved last year from Damascus to a secret base in Dubai.’

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, some 3,000 kilometers away from Damascus, but sitting in London thinking how to amuse the readers with fancy tales, our best guess is the authors, especially Mr. Harding, thought Dubai is somewhere in Syria, or Damascus is somewhere near Dubai. Or as in most of their articles: nobody cares to check how credible their information is, as we warned earlier: lying too much will become a habit.

Obviously Mr. Harding who co-authors both Guardian articles is the one coming up with this section in the first article:

‘Syrian opposition activists say Assad’s cousin Rami Makhlouf bankrolls the SEA, which recently moved from Syria to a secret office in Dubai. Makhlouf pays the pro-regime hackers for their activities, and they typically earn $500-$1,000 for a successful attack. They also get free accommodation and food. Sometimes Syrian government officials tell the SEA which western sites to hack; on other occasions the SEA selects its own targets.’

As Mr. Harding repeats exactly the same text in the second article and elaborates as much as his imagination helps him and quotes some anonymous Syrian opposition, whose credibility doesn’t need to be tested either. He does so to touch a sensitivity spot among the Wahhabi terrorist groups who are blowing up themselves in civilian neighborhoods throughout Syria and elsewhere, by adopting the following out of context text:

‘The SEA mainly comprises Alawites from Assad’s embattled minority Shia sect, but also includes Sunnis – most of whom back the opposition – and Christians. It receives sporadic technical assistance from Russia, Assad’s key backer, opposition sources allege. Like their Syrian counterparts, Kremlin bloggers actively target Vladimir Putin’s critics, with Russian hackers among the best in the world’.

First off, note how there is a presumption that it isn’t possible for Syrians to be fighting for Syria on the ground or in cyber space in the western mentality, even Robert Fisk had to confess to this reality after 2 years of direct contact with Syrian Arab Army soldiers and the common Syrians inside the country.

Syria – Willfully Sectarian Propaganda

Then one must ask, how did Mr. Harding figure out that most of the activists in the SEA are Alawites (which is not true, they are mixed) when most Syrians do not usually know the sects of each other? What does the sect of an activist have to do with hacking a website that is totally working against the sovereignty of the state of Syria?

And we need not remind the Guardian how it posted articles of criminals like Saderddin Bayanoni, the former head of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization in Syria, responsible for the killing of hundreds of Syrians in the first Muslim Brotherhood terror wave 1976 – 1982, who accused Mr. Assad of being a criminal forgetting his own past, and how The Guardian prevented many Syrian commentators from writing comments on that particular post by Bayanoni claiming it’s against their policy to accuse any of the writers of being a criminal…!

It’s about time The Guardian follows its sisters in the western mainstream media and wake up to the reality that Syria and Syrians withstood their pathetic but persistent media warmongering, faking news and fabricating such stories. At the same time they have withstood and still withstand the terror NATO sponsors in their country by airlifting, training, arming, financing and smuggling Al-Qaeda terrorists into their country.

Syrian Electronic Army Badge

The Guardian should start gradually telling its readers the reality of events and how much lies it pumped on its pages throughout the past 25 months to destroy a sovereign nation thousands of miles away. If The Guardian refuses to admit its role in the brainwashing and propaganda, it will lose whatever left of credibility among whatever is left of its readers.

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  1. mario

    the whole world is getting tired of this bloodshed… useless for humankind, but so tasty to the world´s owners, that bastards floating up high, and their hordes… those who believe we are their cattle…. shame on our "governants" who instead of fight for real freedom, they have sold their souls to them. god bless all of you brethren for you are unaware of the space scum surrounding us.

    may the true god of this realm come forth to wipe out both aliens and heartless human.

  2. khaled

    They said at the End nothing is true except truth what ever they did or wrote is flase or true Allah is great and will punish those who did these for the Syrians


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