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Syria: Several cleaning operations in Homs

SAA Picture

Several units of the Syrian Arab army have performed some organized series of so-called mop-up operations in and near the Western city of Homs. These cleaning operations by the Syrian army were a success yesterday.

Some gangs of armed terrorists and the usual bearded jihadists, both kinds of dangerous and uneducated thugs, were forced to leave some areas in the Syrian city of Homs while an unit of the Syrian army has also destroyed a typical hideout of the foreign-backed terrorists and another workshop for the manufacturing of explosive devices in Jouret al-Shiyah yesterday.

According to the official Syrian state news agency SANA, another unit of the Syrian Arab army has also inflicted huge losses on several foreign-backed armed militants and Islamists in the areas of al-Dar al-Kabireh, Tal Dahab, Teldo, al-Qusour and Kafr Laha in the countryside of the Syrian city of Homs.

Already on Sunday, there have been some heavy clashes between troops of the Syrian Arab army and the usual armed jihadists and militants in the area of Qudssaya, which is located near the Syrian capital Damascus. In these clashes, the units of the Syrian army have been able to kill several armed religious fanatics and mercenaries – some of them were foreign nationals, especially from other so-called Arab nations.

Syrian troops have also stormed an usual terrorist hideout in the city of Zamalka, which is lcoated about four kilometers (2.5 miles) in the east of Damascus. These Syrian forces were able to destroy a large amount of weapons and munitions after the heavy battle there.

Further hideouts of the bearded unwashed devils and foreign-backed fanatics were raided in the Syrian towns of Harmala, Harasta, Barzeh al-Balad, Jobar, al-Rihan and al Shifoniyeh. Also in the cities of al-Hejjeira, al-Dhiyabiyeh and Daraya, similar operations by the Syrian Arab army were successfully carried out.

Although not everything what is reported by the Syrian state news agency SANA is credible, it seems that the foreign-backed militants and al Qaeda thugs from several Arab countries and even from Europe have less chances in this proxy war against the secular Syrian state.

For example, some units of the Syrian Arab army was also able to fully purge the city of Kimam in the important area of al-Qusayr which is located near the Syrian border with Lebanon.

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