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Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Turkey try to separate al-Anbar from Iraq

Library of Celsus, Ephesus

It seems that the current leaderships of Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are trying to separate the al-Anbar Province from Iraq. According to some experts on affairs in the Middle East and a senior Iraqi expert, located in London, these three leaderships are trying to separate the Western province of al-Anbar from Iraq by using terrorist operations and other measures to boost the tensions in this restive region of Iraq.

The London-based Head of the Center for the Southern Iraq Studies and Professor of London University, Ali Ramazan al-Ousi, warned about these horrible intention(s) by the Saudi Arabian, Qatari and Turkish regimes in an interview on Monday.

In this interview, the Iraqi expert and Head of the Center for the Southern Iraq Studies warned that the secret plans of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are meant to hamper the political process in Iraq and the plots should boost the sectarian conflicts and terrorist actions, especially in the Western province of al-Anbar because the two totalitarian dictatorships in the Gulf and the Turkish Erdogan-regime want to separate the al-Anbar province from Iraq finally.

According to the Iraqi expert from London, the three leaderships from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are very afraid that democracy will finally be able to also spread into their controlled territories and, thus, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are trying to use all means to prevent this. For example, all three leaderships support the delivery of arms to terrorist groups in Iraq, have the aim to boost the sectarian tensions and also financially support different groups of religious fanatics and terrorist in Iraq.

Also Qassem al-A’raji, a senior Iraqi legislator, has already warned about the violations of international law by the Turkish and Qatari regimes earlier this month and he said further that Turkey and Qatar are definitely supporting terrorist groups in Iraq and that both are responsible for the recent unrest and violence in the country. Already in Februar, Amer al-Khazayee, Maliki’s Advisor in National Reconciliation

Affairs, said that the interferences by Qatar in Iraq are aimed to stop the positive political trend in the country and that the totalitarian dictatorship of Qatar wants to boost the sectarian strife and violence in Iraq in order to serve the American and Israeli wishes.

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