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Syria: The Attack on Latakia 5 July 2013

Latakia Storage

Everybody spoke of the explosions in the Qassi military base in Latakia countryside the dawn of Friday the 5th of July 2013, but were mostly speculations based on some Israeli and US fantasies, even media houses supposed to be on the Syrian stateside like Iranian PressTV and Russian RT. But what did really happen that day?

We can confidently assess if the resources spent on destroying Syria within the past 27 months were spent on the UK, for instance, the United Kingdom would cease to exist the way we know it. Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales would be independent states within the time frame it took Cameron to parrot his western friends: ‘Assad lost legitimacy and his days are numbered’.

Explosion Near Latakia
Explosion Near Latakia – Picture distributed by Syrian opposition sites

Here we are 820 days after the Syrian crisis started in destroying the country and slaughtering people left & right, the Syrians are winning and the terrorists and their backers are on the defense failing and falling, one of these terrorist backers is definitely Israel which rushed to help Al-Qaeda in the raid of May 05, 2013 against a chicken hen and a weapons depot near Damascus.

Just like the raid of early May had an opposite outcome, similar to all Israeli aggression after the liberation of Lebanon in the year 2000, what happened 2 months exactly after the 5th of May raid, was repeated on the 5th of July.

Image released by Isareli sources in what appears to be 'damage control' to their failed moral
Image released by Israeli sources of the targeted site before and after in what appears to be ‘damage control’ of their failed moral

In the details:

A series of explosions rocked the city of Latakia on the Syrian coast and its countryside early dawn of Friday 05 July 2013. People near the military base of Qassi near Samiyah town on the foothill east of Latakia saw fires and heard strong explosions, it took us since then to confirm what exactly happened and why.

A few hours earlier at around 9:30 p.m. Thursday night, a series of loud explosions were heard but in a very far location, residents of the southern port city of Eilat, south of occupied Palestine, or known to westerns as Israel, reported hearing the explosions then Israeli security forces were rushed to the site ‘checking to determine if these were Grad Katyusha rockets’ as one of the local Israeli sites reported it.

Then silence prevailed. Some prominent news stations reported the incident and withdrew the report 3 hours later, the time it takes to ‘determine’ the cause of the explosions.

Jerusalem Post Reporting on Eilat's 'mysterious explosions'
Jerusalem Post Reporting on Eilat’s ‘mysterious explosions’
‘turmoil in Egypt’: they have a sense of humor or totally lost.

Syria, Iran, and Hizbullah have a solid alliance and that’s no secret, they form what is known as the ‘Resistance Axis’. They know the attack on one of them is meant to destroy the trio. The enmity against them comes from their refusal of the existence of an apartheid state of imported foreign settlers over the land of occupied Palestine and on the account of the Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese people. The trio acts coherently and unified, to some extent, and the duo Syria – Hizbullah due to the proximity act like one. It’s no secret as well that Hizbullah was fighting Israel with the help of Syria. The explosions heard by locals in Eilat was a sophisticated successful attack by an elite unit of the ‘Resistance Axis’ against a weapons depot near the port city. Information obtained confirm the depot contained highly advanced missiles just received from the US, how ironic when Israel claims it attacks missiles shipment heading from Syria to Hizbullah when missiles shipment heading from the US to Israel are the ones destroyed?

Immediately after ‘determining’ the reason for the explosions, the ‘security cabinet’ in Israel met and decided an instant response, the target: Syrian Navy Yakhont warehouse in Latakia. The Russian made Yakhont are the nightmare of any navy ship and Syria was supplied with them on the wake of the western decision to ‘democratize’ the country by force back in 2011.

We should affirm that Israel has a very sophisticated and criminal spying agency, but we also should affirm it’s the same spying agency that was played by Hizbullah in 2006 when tens of air raids were hitting ‘presumed missiles batteries’ in south of Lebanon based on the spying agency’s reports, to start receiving later barrages of missiles falling on northern Israel.

Israel’s Mossad agent in Latakia countryside known as ‘Sheikh Mustapha’ tipped Israel the ‘secret whereabouts of the Syrian Yakhonts’. An Israeli ship moved towards Cyprus then was approaching Syrian territorial waters supported by a number of unmanned spy drones and an Israeli F16, with the help of some traitors on the ground from the ‘FSA’ the targets were identified and 7 Tomahawk cruise sea to surface missiles were launched to completely destroy the target and the mission was ‘successful’ as the warehouses were totally destroyed. An Israeli drone flew over the target and confirmed the destruction of it.

Syrian radars on the Syrian coast recorded multiple targets before and during the operation including the Israeli F16-I which was pursued by a Syrian navy boat and managed to destroy the jet with a heat-seeking missile. The fighter jet fell in the sea and the pilot(s) killed.

2 enemy boats were destroyed as well as some of the informed sources confirm to Syria News.

Next day, 6 July 2013, Israeli IDF radio announced one of its F16-I fighter jets fell in the Mediterranean off the sea of Gaza due to ‘an engine malfunction’ and ‘the pilot and navigator were rescued’. Following that incident, Israeli air force chief Eshel ‘ordered all F16 and F15 aircraft grounded until the circumstances are reviewed‘!

Sheikh Mustapha, the Israeli spy who leaked the information about the whereabouts of the Yakhonts on the Syrian coast was carefully fed the information by the Syrians monitoring him. Qassi military base did not contain any strategic weapons, barely holding typical munition any military base would store, and the huge explosions heard by the locals were the sounds of the Tomahawks and barrels of explosives stored.

Israeli friends in Nusra Front operating in Latakia countryside killed another Israeli agent working under the FSA umbrella a commander called Kamal Hamami, member of the so-called chief in command of FSA and the operating chief in Latakia countryside. The Nusra Front killed Hamami guessing his group was behind the disappearance of their ‘Sheikh Mustapha’ and the war was declared between the different branches of terrorists working under the FSA umbrella: Nusra Front backed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar, and the other brigades backed by Saudi Arabia and western intelligence services.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad promised to retaliate any Israeli aggression and gave orders of immediate response without returning to the SAA higher commands, translated with spontaneous response by the Syrian Navy command, and the green light given to target the US shipment of missiles to Israel on the farthest Eilat warehouse, proves the man keeps his words.

The disastrous Israeli spying failure followed by the more disastrous military operation and the need to ground all F15 & F16 fighter jets, manipulating information and inventing stories for the public proves what Hizbullah Chief said post the 2006 failed aggression addressing his cheering supporters:

“It (Israel) has a nuclear weapon and the strongest air force in the region, but in truth, it is weaker than a spider web.”

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  1. hrc

    Im sorry folks but this story is non sense… Please re-check again your Sources. The Syrian Airforce Page , reporting nothing of this wild story. Look in the map again. First No sane army in the world will store their best missiles or military equipment in a simple warehouse that any Rebel lucky mortar shell could destroy. Syria store their Yahnots underground in Bunkers and Israel also store their more important missiles underground for the Obvious reasons that hamas get lucky with a rocket. Probabilities that Hezbolah exploded a new shipment of US to Israel of advanzed weapons are next to zero. Probabilities that an Israeli drone will fly undetected from over 300km distance all the way to latakia and ‘check; if the attack was sucessfull can’t be serious. To claim that Israel with their navy can launch 7 Tomahawks so close to Russians warships and pass literary through them and fly 300km all the way to Syria undetected is laughlable at best . Who even told you that story , was seriously misinformed. Look at Sypernews.. His contacts in latakkia told him there was no explosion or such attack never happened. The only true thing in the story was than an F-16 was shutdown. And that the Syrian Airforce FB page claim they shut it down with a very long range missile. But the idea that ISrael navy or airforce can operate from Cyprus where the Russians have heavy presence around it and launch 7 cruise missiles that could threaten the Russian fleet is suicide. TOmahawks missiles are very slow and very easy to counter by regular Russian Air defenses and anti-artillery. Please look for other sources because the story is filled with not very logical events. It will be totally ridiculous to think either Syria store yahnots in simple warehouses or that israel also store its most advanced stuff in warehouses on surface level ,so that any hezbolah rocket destroy them. and more ridiculous that drones could fly to check.. after an attack.. btw.. if people look carefully at the alleged satellite images of the ‘destruction’. You will notices that there is ZERO sign of an explosion or destruction or fire. Most of the walls are all standing ,neighboring buildings too and the vegetation intact. Looks more than the photos were taken when the building was being under construction (black and white photos) and then finished.(color photos). The whole story sounds cool but most of it is filled with non logical information.

    • Name

      Moron, read the article. Including that as you blabber on, Syria didn’t store their missiles there. Israel screwed up and paid for it. You must be another yid in damage control.


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