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Israeli test of long-range missile a warning for Russia

Russian S-300 Source:

According to the political analyst Christopher Walker, the latest measure by the Israeli regime to test-fire a new long-range ballistic missile could be a tactical warning to the Russian administration in Moscow and after the Israeli attack on the weapons arsenal near the Syrian city of Latakia, this is certainly the correct logical consideration of the recent measure by the Israeli regime to test-fire this new long-range ballistic missile that is also capable to reach Russian territory.

The political analyst Christopher Walker told Press TV in a new interview that the Russian support for the Syrian government in Damascus could be the origin for the warning by the Israeli regime to Moscow with this test-fire of a new long-range ballistic missile.

Christopher Walker was asked by Press TV if the Russian stance to Syria has actually forced Israel to take the recent measure and to test-fire this new long-range ballistic missile, the political analyst Mr. Walker answered that the measure of Israel could indeed serve as a “crude message” to Russia and this is, as stated, certainly also the logical consideration after the last weeks and especially since the attack by the Israeli regime on a weapons arsenal near the Syrian port city of Latakia (Lattakia).

In this interview with Press TV, the political analyst Christopher Walker also criticized the Israeli regime for test-firing this new long-range ballistic missile in the current situation and with all the developments across the Middle East. For Christopher Walker, this measure of the Israeli regime sounds “like a bit of saber rattling” and this is also true. The political analyst is sure not alone with his opinion about this measure and the last actions taken by the Israel regime in terms of Syria.

The new long-range ballistic missile of Israel was launched by the Israeli forces from a base on the Mediterranean coast on Friday.

Russian S-300 Source:
Russian S-300

This new type of missile in the arsenals of the Israeli regime is also ready to carry a nuclear, biological or chemical warhead and is capable to cover about 5,000 miles. This means, that this Israeli missile is capable of traveling about 5,000 miles with a nuclear, chemical or biological warhead.

The political analyst Christopher Walker also said in this interview with Press TV in terms of the Israeli warning to Russia that the Russian administration will certainly not take it kindly to “be told that they are now” in the “nuclear range of the Israelis”, while it is known that the Israeli regime has many nuclear weapons in its stockpiles and many of them are also ready to be used immediately by the Israeli military.

Of course, it is certainly no huge surprise for the Russian intelligence that Israel finally showed such a missile that is capable of traveling about 5,000 miles and thus, able to reach Russia without a huge problem.

The analyst, Mr Walker, said in terms of the missile and warning by the Israeli regime to the Russian administration in Moscow, that he does not think frankly that this is comes to any surprise that the missiles exist in Israel. He further stated that it is “just the timing of making them (the missiles) public” is increasing the pressure in the Middle East, while it is already almost at a boiling point.

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  1. Arklight

    Personally, I think that Russia is the least of Israel’s potential problems. Taking a strategic view of the various ‘Arab Spring’ operations, plus the attack upon Syria by Islamic hard liners, it seems quite clear that the end game is to get Israel in a nutcracker, and then crush it. I have no belief whatever that the US would come to Israel’s aid beyond a few token bombing raids. Sorry, but there it is. Israel has nothing for which Russia would attempt to prosecute an aggressive war against it, but Israel is dumb enough to keep attacking Russia’s allies in the region. Israel needs to remember, every day, who’s in the White House (Out House), and vet his promises accordingly.


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