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Syria: Terrorists prepare the Escape from Homs


The terrorists and jihadists in the last stronghold areas of the Syrian city of Homs have no chance against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units and according to reports, the foreign-backed terrorists in the city of Homs are currently preparing their getaway out of the city and the great escape before the units of the Syrian army arrive in their last occupied and small areas in the western part of the city.

It is said that the areas of the Syrian city of Homs that are still occupied by the foreign-supported Takfiri terrorists and gunmen will fall within days to the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Of course, the terrorists say that their last held areas of the city of Homs are only set to fall within days to the units of the Syrian army because the terrorists groups decided to “sacrifice” the third-largest city of Syria to the troops of the Syrian army and to the secular government in Damascus.

There were already reports from the ground and by political analysts about the situation in the city of Homs and especially in the western part of the third-largest Syrian city. These reports from last week told us already, that is it just a matter of time when the last terrorists will flee out of Homs due to the situation that the foreign-backed militants and jihadists have no more chances in the current confrontations and battles against the units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

So, while the Western people will read that the foreign-backed terrorists and Al Qaeda-linked groups “sacrifice” the Syrian city of Homs to the “Assad regime”, the truth is, as usual, a different story. Some will remember the jokes about the “tactical retreats” by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other armed groups in Syria within the last year. The same is happening now in and with the Syrian city of Homs.

The foreign-backed terrorists know that they cannot maintain their positions in the occupied areas of Homs any longer and that it is just a matter of days when the units of the Syrian army will finally enter these areas and start the last battles of Homs, especially in the western part of the Syrian city of Homs, to free the entire city finally.


While some hope that it will be the real last battles in the city of Homs, it is clear that the Syrian army units have to clean up the mess after these battles within and around the third-largest city of Syria. Of course, the entire story about the city of Homs is a sad and bad fairy tale since two years. The city, once beautiful and worth to visit, is not the same city anymore. The city of Homs looks like the last days have already begun on this earth.

Western news agencies take the stories of the “sacrifice” of Homs by the foreign-backed terrorists already and sell the “Abandonment of Homs” as a decision by the foreign-backed terrorists and not as their escape facing the Syrian military. The retake of the Syrian city of Homs will bring security back into the city and especially into the western part of Homs. Further, the route between the Syrian capital Damascus and the Mediterranean coast gets a little bit safer again after the last foreign-backed terrorists are gone from Homs.

The foreign-backed jihadists and Al Qaeda-linked groups, beside the uneducated fools fighting in Syria against the secular nation, want to maintain their positions in the north of Syria, near the border to Turkey and sadly also in and around Aleppo, but also around the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The area around Damascus, the so-called countryside of the Syrian capital, will probably be the next area where the terrorist units have to “decide to finally abandon the region”. The north of Syria is sadly a different story, also due to the many mistakes of the heads of the Syrian army and the members of the Syrian government in Damascus.

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  1. Arklight

    ‘Tactical retreat’ – – yeah, nobody wants to use the term ‘bug out’. It would be nice if SAA could cut off the guerilla’s escape route, then destroy them in detail. The military is much like any other organization in that people are promoted to their level of incompetence. In other words, a very good company commander may find himself out of his depth trying to maneuver, and fight, a battalion, and so on up the line. So far as I know, the Bundeswehr is the only military in which a commander promoted above his level of proficiency can return to the command level at which he performed well. That’s smart. As to mistakes made by Damascus – – well, we have that problem, too. I think nearly every military has to contend with civilians who have no practical knowledge trying to micr-manage military operations, a circumstance which leads, inevitably, to unnecessary losses of troops, materiel, and ground. Sometimes disastrously. Prime example, Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering. both were combat experienced, and with awards for valor, but operational ‘cans and can’ts’ had passed them by, and their refusal to recognize the changes cost them the war. SAA is doing a good job, so far as I can tell – – well done, and good hunting!

  2. Silkroad


    Please do not compare the SAA to the Nazis. The propaganda against the Syrian government is bad enough as it is without you adding to it.


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