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Syria: Army Cleans Suburbs of Damascus from Terrorists

Syrian soldier

After a unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has seized chemical materials in a factory in Jobar (probably produced in Saudi Arabia), a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, that was previously occupied by foreign-backed terrorists, and after the horrible video of the beheading of a guy by Takfiri terrorists in the same suburb of Damascus, Jobar, the Syrian Arab Army is making a good progress in its cleansing operations and battles against the terrorists and jihadists in the suburbs of the capital.

Yesterday, several troops of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to advance in several regions of the suburbs of Damascus. Some units of the Syrian army advanced into the Damascus suburbs of Jobar and al-Qaboun and were able to inflict heavy losses on the side of the foreign-backed terrorists and Islamists.

In Jobar, the units of the Syrian Army were able to gain more ground and, as stated, to seize chemical materials in a factory that was occupied by armed terrorists. These units of the Syrian army also killed an amount of Takfiri militants and confiscated several weapons in this suburb of the Syrian capital, Damascus. After watching the horrible video of the beheading, which has allegedly taken place in Jobar, this suburb really needed several cleansing operations, to be honest..

Not far away from the al-Manasher square, a unit of the Syrian army has discovered a hideout of the terrorists. This terrorist hideout near the al-Manasher square was used by the terrorists to produce explosives. As stated, in the factory near this area, the unit of the Syrian army also found chemical materials including chlorine. According to reports, some of these chemical containers had labels on them that showed that these chemical containers came from Saudi Arabia – “Made in Saudi Arabia” labels were found on these chemical containers.

Other units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were able to regain the control over the al-Musiqa battalion base, but the battles are continued there because the al-Musiqa battalion base is still in the range of the snipers of the foreign-backed terrorists. Further cleansing operations will take place around the al-Musiqa battalion base soon – probably already today.

Syrian soldier
Syrian soldier

In terms of Jobar, the suburb of Damascus, it is stated that more than 60 percent of Jobar is now again under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Some army personnel also stated that they will continue the cleansing operations until all terrorists in the suburbs of Damascus are eliminated and history. The Syrian army especially wants to soon clean the suburb area of Eastern Ghuta.

Also heavy fighting has taken place yesterday between the Syrian army and several groups of terrorists and jihadists in al-Qaboun. At least, the units of the Syrian army were already able to secure a school as well as the municipality building in al-Qaboun.

Also some residential buildings were cleaned from terrorists in this area yesterday. Al-Qaboun is not far away from Jobar and since the Syrian army has retaken the control of the industrial zone in al-Qaboun some days ago, it seems that this area of Damascus will be soon cleaned. The industrial zone links al-Qaboun with Jobar and thus, the terrorists lost further ground and will lose more ground today and in the upcoming days.

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