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Al Qaeda FSA Forms an Islamist Emirate in Tripoli, North of Lebanon

Lebanese PM Miqati was quoted yesterday saying: ‘Army deployment in Tripoli (north of Lebanon) prevented the establishment of an Islamist Emirate’. Denied later by one of his consultants, however, a fierce campaign was launched by US stooges in Lebanon, the ones called 14 March movement under the Saudi/Lebanese former PM current MP Saad Hariri against Miqati denying any presence of any militias in their ‘peaceful city’.
Lebanese PM Najib Miqati
The same ‘peaceful city’ that sent a group of 24 Al Qaeda FSA Jihadists to their death in Syria a couple of weeks ago, and the same ‘peaceful city’ that witnesses heavy clashes with all types of weapons, excluding fighter jets, almost every week.
Tal Kalakh Trap by Syrian Army killed 17 Al Qaeda FSA terrorsits
300 armed in a uniform militia-men have actually called Hussam Sabbagh their Emir on Tripoli Emirate that would only be complete after finishing the Alawite existence in the city, especially their neighborhood: Jabal Mohsen. Christians and other sects follow without mention.

Al Qaeda FSA Jihadists in Tripoli, North Lebanon

Source: (Article in Arabic)

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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