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Supremacist EU Adds Syria’s FM Mikdad to Illicit Sanctions List

Faysal Mikdad Syria Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

The supremacist EU added Syria’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Faisal al Mikdad (Al Meqdad) to its illicit “sanctions” list, bringing the number to 281 Syrian leaders who have been censored and sanctioned by the same criminal countries that have dumped their human detritus into the Levantine republic since 2011, when the NATO Spring was launched against his homeland.

Though Dr. al Mikdad has been FM since November, the EU added him on 15 January.

EU sanctions on Syrian Foreign Minister Mikdad
“Done at Brussels,” Belgium, the headquarters of NATO, and the EU country which led in its terrorists invading Syria.

Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Minister Al Mikdad joins the Minster of Internal Trade Talal al Barazi, the Minister of Culture Lubna Mashawi, the Minister of Education Darem Tabagh, the Minister of Justice Ahmed al Sayed, the Minister of Water Resources Tamam Raad, the Minister of Finance Kanan Yaghi, and the Minister of Transport Zuhair Khazim — all of whom were added to this illicit list in October.

Though this list may sound like the EU flexing its supremacy in brutal attempt to crush Syria’s sovereignty, the European Commission — the executive branch of the EU — professes the purely altruistic motives of promoting international peace and security; preventing conflicts; supporting democracy, the rule of law and defending the principles of international law. The EC also claims that the EU’s “restrictive measures” are not “punitive,” and that some are mandated by the UNSC, while others “are adopted autonomously by the EU” — despite such coercive measures requiring a Security Council Resolution. All UN member states agree to adhere to the Charter. Somehow, though, while aggrandizing its non-existent piety, the EU’s EC — or the EC’s EU –arrogantly flouts its disdain for the noble Charter.

It is also worthy of note that the EU who utterly concerned for the well-being of Syrians is also utterly concerned when their savages return home.

Most of the European Union countries are members of the NATO klan, despite few of them actually being in the North Atlantic.

Minister Al Mikdad is a career diplomat serving his country Syria in several top posts including much of it representing his country in international organizations and was Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations and has headed many of the United Nations General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council meetings.

EU member states by alphabetical order

The same supremacist EU block of countries forgot to condemn the kidnapping of Mr. Mikdad parents at the hands of the ‘freedom fighters’ they supported in Syria back in 2013, such acts were and continue to be normalized by the same block of countries that are ‘concerned for human rights in Syria’ in the year 2021, a full decade of their continuous attempts to subdue the Syrian people, in vain.

The same supremacist EU block of countries that prevent the Syrian Ministry of Health and other Syrian-based businesses from procuring medicine and healthcare equipment in their ongoing sanctions against the country, though claiming such items are exempted from their sanctions list, they blocked the Syrian-banking system and the Syrian-based merchants from access to international markets: any country or company or any individual that deals with Syrian based businesses will face legal actions within the draconian sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the EU and their US patron which introduced its ‘maximum pressure’ regime of sanctions under the so-called Caesar Act — the bipartisan bill written by dogs of war on Capitol Hill, which had to be re-written after 2016, as much of its immigration language sounded too Trumpian (though it was attached to the fascist NDAA legislation and finally signed into law by Trump, in December 2019).

It is worthy to mention that beginning of this new year 2021, the hypocrite freedoms and especially freedom of speech champions dropped all Syrian-based media outlets from satellites they have control over, seems like the EU is learning from the likes of Saudi Arabi and Qatar when it comes to freedoms, these two countries within their control over the Arab League dropped Syrian-based media outlets from Arabsat satellite which covers the Arab world several years ago.

Obviously, the adding of the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Al Mikdad to a blacklist in the EU is merely a political stunt, the supremacists are not able to digest how they cannot win the war of terror they waged against Syria in which they spent hundreds of millions of Euros of their citizens’ tax money to finance and support the likes of the FSA, the umbrella which all terrorist groups were working under including Al Qaeda, Nusra Front, ISIS, Turkestan Islamist Party, and others before they split when their sponsoring countries had disagreements on other bilateral topics. This very act against the Syrian minister also blocks any official communication with the Syrian Arab Republic, will this extend to their ‘intelligence’ and security agencies non-stop contact requests to acquire invaluable information the Syrian law enforcement agencies have on tens of thousands of terrorists they arrested and investigated throughout the past decade many of who are European citizens?

A question to the readers: How can the minister of water resources or the minister of education or the minister of transportation ‘violently oppress the civilian population’?! Why aren’t the Turkish regime and the Kurdish SDF separatists and the Israeli occupation not included in such blacklists when they have serious violations against the people under their occupation especially the Syrians in the besieged neighborhoods in Qamishli by the SDF and the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Palestinians in their own country?

While the supremacist EU continues to ignore atrocious war crimes against Syria, it has added Foreign Minister Dr. Faisal al Mikdad to its illicit, supremacist sanctions list.

Miri Wood and Arabi Souri

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  1. Elias

    Hello syrianews -I know this is out of topic but u must talk about Syrian satellite channels -a friend of mine told me that they are blocked and that Egyptian ones took their place -any solution about that ?? Thank u

  2. Arabi Souri

    Hi Elias, thanks for your comment, it’s not out of topic, if you did read the above post we explicitly mentioned that the EU is learning freedom of speech from the likes of Saudi and Qatar and dropped Syrian satellite channels. Check it above.

  3. anthonyhall7094

    The French used to say that the UK was an American Aircraft Carrier spying on Europe. Now the EU has joined the UK on the List of US Slaves and Bum Lickers.

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