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SAA Storms ISIS Fortifications in al-Mayadin

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Defenders of Honor

Syrian Arab Army and its allies have managed to break through the fortifications of ISIS terrorist organization in al-Mayadin east of Der Ezzor.

Al-Mayadin was one of the last strongholds the terrorist organization had in the region, and was also considered its ‘de-facto Capital’ with lots of its highest commanders positioned there.

SAA (Syrian Arab Army) units surrounded ISIS terrorists in the city of al-Mayadin in the southeast of Der Ezzor countryside and terminated a large number of them.

After managing to storm their way in through ISIS herds, the SAA units re-inforced their control around the city and in its neighborhoods after taking control of the ‘abandoned airport’, the industrial area and a number of the western neighborhoods inside the city.

The following video clip shows footage of advancing SAA units into the eastern bank of the Euphrates River and the units securing the Der Ezzor – as-Sukhnah road, the ISIS terrorist organization tried to cut off in a failed massive attack recently with direct support of the US Army.

SAA Storms ISIS Fortifications in Mayadeen

Can also view the video on BitChute since YouTube decided to terminate our channel for the 2nd time within 3 months for no valid reason:

image-ISIS in al-Mayadin - Heinous crimes to spread US fake democracy aka 'regime change'
ISIS in al-Mayadin – Heinous crimes to spread US fake democracy aka ‘regime change’

The ISIS failed assault to try to cut off the SAA units in Der Ezzor by taking as-Sukhnah road could have only be carried out by a command of a top general in a regular army with huge resources under his command and accurate intelligence from the air and on the ground. ISIS terrorists came from al-Tanf border area where the US maintains presence…!

The US collusion with ISIS drew a renewed harsh condemnation and warning from the Russian ministry of defense.

On Saturday, the Syrian Armed Forces secured the historical citadel of Ar-Rahbah, the Artillery Battalion, Shibli Farms, al-Hal Market, and Grains Silos southwest of al-Mayadin city.

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Defenders of Honor
SAA Syrian Arab Army Defenders of Honor

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