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SAA Secures Arbaein Mountain in Idlib

SAA Soldier with RPG

SAA Soldier with RPG

The Syrian Arab Army continue their fight against the NATO-backed evil cavemen terrorists in Idlib province northwest of Syria near the borders with Turkey, liberating Arbaein Mountain from terrorists on its way to reopening Aleppo – Damascus international highway.

The Highways Battles lasted 34 days after which the SAA liberated and secured the main roads around Arihah city and the highway Idlib – Jisr Shoghour city. The fiercest battles left its traces all over the area.

Idlib Countryside Map
Idlib Countryside Map

Al-Ittijah TV news channel visited the area and came with the following report, (watch on YouTube).

SAA fighting thousands of AlQaeda FSA terrorists smuggled into Syria into Aleppo in the north & Idlib in the northwest and Latakia in the west by Turkish Islamist Junta headed by Muslim brotherhood Caliph wannabe Erdogan.

Securing all these territories and cleaning it from the Wahhabi Al-qaeda filth is coming at a very high price on the SAA and the Syrian people account. SAA is now encircling terrorist rats into isolated locations in the countryside away from highways.

Estimates put the number of foreign terrorists between 125,000 and 190,000, all smuggled into Syria by NATO and stooges through Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and even from Palestine by the Israeli occupation.

They come from at least 83 countries from all sides of the world to destroy the last secular state in the region committing the most heinous crimes against humanity to establish an anti-Islamic pro-Zionist Wahhabi state not on the prophet’s doctrine, but on NATO doctrine.

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