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Breaking: Syrian Arab Army Moving North to Stop Madman Erodgan


The Syrian Arab Army started mobilizing north towards the borders with Turkey to stop the crimes and massacres of Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

The news reported by SANA and collaborated by local sources confirmed at least one convoy passing through Manbij towards the Syrian city of Ayn al-Arab occupied now by Kurds who changed its name to ‘Kobani’.

Kurdish separatist SDF militia fighter collapsed like flies in front of Erdogan uniformed and plain cloth forces.

Erdogan saw in the collapse his chance to commit massacres thinking it will be without condemnation.

The news of a deal reached between the Syrian state and the abandoned by US Kurdish separatists was met with rejoicing among the Syrians, especially in the northern and northeastern towns the Erdogan regime was eyeing to steal and Kurds wanted to Israelize.

The Kurds started climbing down the very high tree they climbed up fast with no ladders, their climbing down should be under the condition of eliminating their betrayal to the people who hosted their grandparents, provided them shelter and protected them from Ottomans. A principal agreement seemed to have been reached during discussions in a Russian military base in Syria.

However, some Kurdish militia leaders still can’t cut the umbilical cord connecting them with their mother Israel declaring they want to maintain control over municipal councils in the areas they occupied.

Other Kurdish leaders called for the Syrian Arab Army to liberate towns earlier occupied by Erdogan forces, especially in Afrin.

Initial respond from NATO-member state, an Erdogan spokesperson threatened to fight the advancing SAA forces calling the agreement between the SAA and the Kurdish separatists as ‘a sign of enmity against Turkey!’.

This move by the Syrian Arab Army will definitely stun and confuse Pentagon propagandists who will not be able to condemn but might ignore in Pentagon’s ongoing propaganda war against the Syrian people, their state, and their country.

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