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The Syrian Arab Army at the Summit of Mount Hermon

Syrian Arab Army Heroes at the Summit of Mount Hermon Jabal Al Sheikh جبل الشيخ

Mount Hermon: The Syrian Arab Army is the only army that was able to stand up to over 120 countries with their armies, intelligence agencies, and their world’s largest terrorist army, and defeat them.

With the help of its allies, and at a very high price, the Syrian Arab Army, SAA, managed to win the unwinnable battles against waves of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Suicide terrorists fighting over 40 fronts on daily bases over 7.5 years, and now concluding its 8th year.

Among its enemies were the most powerful and the richest in the world spanning from and not limited to: the United States of America, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, and the rest of NATO, Israel and its lackeys Saudi Arabia and Qatar and their own other lackeys.

They spent hundreds of billions of dollars, Saudi Arabia and Qatar alone spent US$ 137 Billion, to recruit half a million if not more suicide terrorists who came from all sides of the world, smuggled into Syria by all its neighbors, and provided state of the art satellite communication systems, remote controlled sniper rifles, NATO spying ships and listening stations off the Syrian coast, in Cyprus, and around, and in the skies of Syria and above the sky.

All of that to see all their investments in their project to topple the Syrian state and replace it with puppet regime/s, to be all blown in the wind, how? Thanks only to the bravest men and women of the Syrian people and their armed forces, to the Syrian diplomats and the Syrian activists.

Watch this short video to see just one of the circumstances where the SAA heroes operates in temperatures under zero (Celsius), at heights of 2800 meters with barely any oxygen, yet they hold the ground:

Video also available on Dtube:!/v/arabisouri/6zg2mgk9, BitChute:, and LiveLeak:

Video Transcript:

Looking at the Hermon Mountain from far, no one could imagine the impossibilities the Syrian Arab Army men conquer there.

The summit of Mount Hermon covered with snow throughout the year rises to 2814 meters like if it’s wearing a white turban, that’s why its peak is called Jabal al-Sheikh (Mountain of the Elder).

The strategic peak overlooking Lebanon and occupied Palestine was always eyed by the Israeli enemy and its (terrorists) tools, our goal is to reach who conquered the 3 enemies: Israel, terrorism and the nature’s circumstances.

At each stop at the military posts in the Mount Hermon we see the scene that would summarize the story: military training here is very harsh and is in line with the invincible natural circumstances.

We reach the height of 1600 meters, to a point where going further up is only going to be through the snow-skis.

We are conquering the obstacles with several factors: we store reserves of all materials like fuel, firewood, food, drinks, we store all our needs, in addition to that we use the snow skis to transport soldiers and food to the front posts where the snow thickness varies.

To be surrounded by snow and cold, and to remain vigilant for the enemy, and to climb towards the observation points in temperature below zero (Celsius), to challenge nature, and meters of snow would cover the observation point where you are positioned, all of this might seem impossible, but not for the heroic men of the Syrian Arab Army.

Whatever the circumstances were: snow, cold, or whatever, we are ready for any task assigned to us, all for Syria.

2600 meters is the last point for the snow skis, from now on the soldiers are moving up towards the peak marching on foot, and here the circumstances get further complicated.

Watching from a distance, theoretically, it looks easy for the normal person, but on the ground it’s a different situation; the deep trenches, lack of oxygen, risks of avalanches, frostbites, all of these are circumstances the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army are accustomed to.

There’s nothing difficult for the Syrian Arab Army, the army that stood up against all the world’s countries over 8 years against the Takfiri terrorist groups, this strong and robust army there’s nothing difficult for it in the world, at all, and we have proven this on the ground, in the battlefields.

After an hour of marching, we reach the height of 2750 meters where the supply and logistics post is, while other posts are surrounding the last peak of Jabal Al-Sheikh.

– How often you come up here? Using the snow ski and marching?

Every day and it takes 3 hours.

– During the snowfall, does the snow reach this barricade and block it?

Yes, of course, 5 days ago the snow was one meter above here but now it’s melting with the rain. It reaches 4 to 5 meters here.

We have a strong will, thanks to it and thanks to the directives of the commanders and the president we are remaining here steadfast until the last drop of our blood.

In God’s will the (occupied) Golan Heights will return (to Syria), and in God’s will each one will return to their families safe and sound.

Those heroes standing at these borders, those standing with all pride, glory, dignity and morale, in order to return these Arabic occupied lands with the braveness and determination of those men, those heroes who fear nothing, they don’t fear death, they run after it hoping for martyrdom.

The summit of this mountain has been solidified in facing the enemies, as the Syrian Arab Army has always proved that the impossible is not in its dictionary.

From the heights of Jabal al-Sheikh which carries the memories of the November (1973 war) victories, here the Syrian Arab Army heroes are steadfast proving to the whole world that ‘impossible’ is not Syrian, and behind these mountains our people in the occupied Golan Height are steadfast against the Israeli aggression policies, this is Rabih Deibeh, and cameraman Adnan Juma for the Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel from the highest summit of Mount Hermon.

End of video transcript.

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