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SAA Confronts Nusra Front Terrorists in Hama and Idlib Countrysides

SAA Confronting Nusra Front Terrorists - Hama - Idlib - Idleb - Al Qaeda FSA ISIS Turkey Erdogan

Nusra Front aka HTS terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Recep Tayeb Erdogan continues to breach the Idlib Agreement (Astana – Sochi agreements) signed between Turkey on the side of the terrorists and Russia and Iran on the side of the Syrian state.

The Turkish regime of Erdogan has deliberately failed to meet its commitments in dismantling the terrorist groups in the Idlib province by mid-October 2018 in order for the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to free up to 3 million Syrians living under the occupation of al-Qaeda affiliates in the Syrian northwestern province on the borders with Turkey.

Furthermore, instead of at least separating the normal head-chopper terrorists from the radical head-chopper terrorists, the Turkish regime helped the radical head-chopper terrorists of Nusra Front (aka Al-Qaeda Levant – HTS…) to solidify its control over the infested province of Idlib, and has recently supplied these radical head-chopper anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists with very advanced weapons including MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense system) surface to air missiles capable of shooting down any commercial airplane in addition to a number of fighter jets.

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Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units shot down a drone operated by Nusra Front terrorists in the vicinity of Hama Military Airport. The SAA units also targeted the quarters and supply routes of the Takfiri terrorist organization on the Mutairi and Jibeen axes in Idlib and Hama countrysides.

The Army’s strikes destroyed a number of vehicles the terrorists were using and terminated a number of them, injured others.

In response to its repetitive assaults with missiles from its locations in military de-escalation areas against the towns, villages, and military posts in Hama countryside, Syrian Arab Army units concentrated its military operations at the quarters and formations of Nusra Front terrorists in the countrysides of Hama and Idlib.

SAA units after surveillance operations targeted groups of Nusra Front terrorist with artillery shelling and missile barrage in the outskirts of Al-Naqeer village in Idlib southern countryside. The formations were moving in machine-guns mounted vehicles south towards Hobait town at the Hama northern countryside where large numbers of terrorists are positioned.

Sources reported that a number of vehicles were destroyed, a number of terrorists were eliminated and others were injured, while the rest of the vehicles retreated with its terrorists and hid behind the residents’ houses in Al-Naqeer village.

SAA units operating in Hama northern countryside targeted with artillery fire the formations of Nusra Front and Izza Army Brigades terrorists on the Jibeen village axis, along with their supply routes from Kafr Zita and Ltamenah towns in the northern countryside.

The shelling terminated a number of the terrorists and destroyed their machine-guns mounted vehicles on its route towards Jibeen village.

The Syrian Arab Army strikes have inflicted a number of casualties between killed and injured among the terrorist ranks and destroyed their missiles launch-pads in the outskirts of Kfar Zita and Ltamenah towns in Hama northern countryside and in Almastumah town and the vicinity of Alarba’een Mountain in Idlib southern countryside.

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